More stage managed “Democracy” in Canada.

Yesterday I posted about the long history of controlled public participation in Canada.  Politicians get caught breaking the law and an inquiry is held.  The inquiry carefully avoids the question of illegality and instead just allows witnesses to come in and describe how they feel.  The media plays their part in the whole charade by reporting breathlessly at the dressing down some politician got from the inquiry head.  Like getting scolded is the proper punishment for stealing tax money or trampling seniors with horses.

The whole thing would be laughable if it not for the fact that it works.  The average Canadian somehow believes justice was done even though no one ever gets punished.  These spectacles are not just used by the federal government.  The Ottawa city police are busy planning their own theatrical production.

In previous posts I have discussed Ottawa police officer Kristina Neilson.  Constable Neilson committed the heinous crime of donating $55 to a perfectly legal but politically incorrect protest.  Her actual crime was discreditable conduct.  How come this applies to police officers but not politicians?

Constable Neilson understands that she can’t fight city hall so she plead guilty which leaves the Ottawa police chief with a very prickly problem.  If the chief comes down hard on Constable Neilson the public will be upset and the issue might not fade away.  The chief has chosen to use a light touch but even that is problematic.

Constable Neilson must publicly apologize, but it is very dangerous to have the public at her public apology.  What if the public do not think she is the one who should be apologizing?  What if they think she did nothing wrong?  The chief’s solution is so typically Canadian.  The people allowed at the public apology will be handpicked.  Essentially they will be actors and this will just be another piece of theatre designed to convince Canadians that we live in a democracy.

It is hard to feel sorry for my fellow Canadians.  We lost our democracy because we accepted this level of dishonesty from our public officials.  The things that are broke in Canada cannot be fixed.