Truth won’t stay hidden forever

The FDA is withholding autopsy results of people suspected of dying from the COVID vaccines.  This is science in 2022.  Science for centuries involved collecting, analyzing, and preserving data.  Theories were developed and test against the data.  In 2022 theories are just adopted as fact and then data is hidden, obscured, changed, or simply manufactured to support the theory.  The effort put in to controlling the data is proportional to the profit generated from the theory.

COVID vaccines are very profitable so the FDA is expending great effort to protect the “safe and effective” narrative.  There must be very damning information in these autopsy reports for the CDC to try and bury them.  Jennifer Brown got a glimpse of what might be in the autopsy reports when she received 2 reports directly from the victim’s families.

One victim was 76 while the other was 30.  The elderly patient died after his third shot the younger after his 4th.  Both men had organ damage from spike proteins in their brain and heart.  The spike proteins found were from the jab not an infection.  The autopsy was able to determine this because only the spike protein was found.  No other part of the virus was found in the damaged organs.  It was impossible for the damage to have been done by the virus in the older victim as he had never been infected.

The younger man did have a previous COVID infection and took all of the jabs after his infection on the advice of his doctor.  With each jab his health deteriorated.  He kept going on his doctor’s advice.  How is this not medical malpractice?  His doctor advised him to take a medication he did not need.  Then as his health deteriorated the doctor’s advice was to use more of the medication that was harming him.

This doctor has been brainwashed by the medical establishment that prioritizes pharmaceutical profits of patient safety.  There are far too many doctors like this practicing medicine and there are far too many gatekeepers at the FDA protecting Pfizer.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    One thing to consider is that if you are in an accident and receive blood while in hospital, it will most likely be blood contaminated with the vax potion and spike protein. Same with organ transplants. A truly scary though for Halloween time.
    Stay safe out there.

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