Ignoring the Bodies, hiding the Cause

It really is getting difficult to hide the bodies.  Excess deaths in 2022 are outpacing excess deaths in 2020 which was the peak of the pandemic.  The main stream media that breathlessly reported every COVID death can’t find a problem right now but thankfully, unlike the main stream media, independent journalists don’t take their marching orders from the government.  I found 2 articles today discussing excess deaths in Europe and in New Zealand.

The graphic below is from the first linked article.

This is not normal.  2020 was the pandemic year.  Normally after a bad winter season the next year tends to have fewer excess deaths.  The year after a pandemic there is no one left to die since all the old ill people have already died.  This did not happen in 2021 and 2022 is on track to be even worse.  Europe is seeing a high number of deaths because it is no longer just old ill people who are dying.  The plot below is also from Euromomo.

The difference is even more dramatic in New Zealand where 2022 excess deaths are 250% higher than they were during the peak of the pandemic.

When main stream journalists are not ignoring the bodies they are trying to blame young people dying on long COVID or some other nonsensical cause.  According to them young people who rarely saw doctors prior to COVID are now dropping dead because they rarely see doctors post COVID.  It is not easy to ignore the elephant in the room.  You can only do it if you identify as a journalist.

The elephant in the room is of course the COVID vaccinations.  Main stream journalists searching for a cause somehow always ignore the single largest public health event in human history.  Never before have we injected billions of people with an experimental technology that was subject to only limited clinical tests.

The decision to do this would have been bizarre even if the clinical tests were overwhelmingly positive.  It was downright insane when you consider how bad the clinical tests were.  In the clinical tests the vaccines did not save a single life and had over 2000 recorded possible side effects.  There was absolutely no reason to use them yet we did.  Then, after using them, we saw no change in the infection fatality rate while excess deaths increased.  There is absolutely no reason to continue using them yet we are.

At this point it is hard to think this was just a tragic mistake.  It has gone on way too long to believe that.  It is time to admit that the government is getting exactly what they want from the vaccine programs; lucrative kickbacks and dead people.  The Malthusian de-populationists that infest western liberal governments did not just allow this to happen they forced it to happen.  How much longer will we let them continue?