Asymptomatic Transmission is a Myth

Before Covid came along St. Fauci  said this.


Apparently when this video was recorded St. Fauci had no reason to shut down the economy.  That was then this is now.

So before asymptomatic people were not a problem.  Now even vaccinated people can be Typhoid Mary.

The question is, was the little weasel lying then or is he lying now?  Dr. Fauci seems to have an infinite capacity for lying so it is possible he was lying both times and there is a third answer.  By now one thing is clear to anyone paying attention.  If you are looking for the truth you will not find it from Tony Fauci.

Thankfully, there are way more people on earth to consult than Tony Fauci.  On the weekend I found this paper published 2 months ago.

The authors combined the data from 54 different studies which included almost 78,000 people.  The studies determined how often an infected person infected someone else in their household.  They found that.

  • Your spouse is 2.25 times as dangerous as your child.
  • Symptomatic people infect someone else in the house 18% of the time.
  • Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people only infected someone else 0.7% of the time.

The highest risk outside of a hospital is being sheltered at home with a sick family member.  So even in the absolute worst-case scenario, you only have a 0.7% chance of being infected by an asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic person.  Pre-symptomatic people probably make up the entire 0.7%.  In fact, the study concluded that asymptomatic transmission was statistically zero.

This study proves it is rare to catch covid from someone without symptoms even when you are in daily contact.  How likely is it then to catch it by sharing the same elevator?  I am no virologist, but I would say the answer is somewhere between zero and the probability of St. Fauci telling the truth.  Which is, of course, effectively zero.

We were told that masks, sheltering at home, and closing businesses were necessary to prevent asymptomatic transmission.  Never had we shut down society and quarantined healthy people because of a virus.  The “experts” told us that we had to this time.  They told us this virus was different, but they had no reason to believe that it was.  These “experts” had no reason to believe that asymptomatic transmission would be significant.  Therefor there was no reason to believe that lockdowns would work.  Given that, it is not surprising that lockdowns did not work.

Finally putting to rest the myth of asymptomatic transmission was not the only thing I found interesting about this study.  I also found it interesting that symptomatic people only infected others 18% of the time.  Remember when I discussed the Diamond princess cruise ship?  Only 17% of the people on the ship got infected even thought they were forced to quarantine with symptomatic patients.

We were told that drastic measures had to be taken because the Sars Cov 2 virus was so incredibly contagious.  Yet we keep finding examples where most people do not get infected even through close contact.  We were told herd immunity strategies were not possible because too many people would have to be exposed.  At no time did the “experts” consider that many people were naturally immune.  If it takes 70% to hit herd immunity and 80% already have some natural resistance, then herd immunity is reached at 14%.

14% seems like a very small number but consider this.  Now after 2 seasons of this incredibly contagious virus, no country has reached 14% infections.  Only 4 have even gone past 10%.

Governments trampled our rights based on 2 myths; asymptomatic transmission and that we are all at risk.  They did not just trample our rights.  They caused enormous economic damage.  Taxes will be increased to pay for it.  My children will have to pay for the stupidity of Jason, Deena, Justin, and Theresa for the rest of their lives.  What governments have done, and continue to do, is unforgivable.


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    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      Jarad, first thanks for taking the time to read an comment. I opened your link and only had to read to the third paragraph to know the the study was junk science. Their conclusion was based on modelling. This is a perversion of science started by the global warming crowd. Models do not prove anything. You can not model anything without equations of state. An equation of state is a mathematical expression of a natural phenomena. You might have learned about the ideal gas law in high school. The ideal gas law is an equation of state. It describes the relationship between pressure, temperature, and volume for a gas. As an Engineer I use the ideal gas law to model a compressor not the other way around. You must establish the science before your develop a model. Using a model to establish the science puts the cart before the horse. Once the science is established we don’t even call it science anymore, we call it engineering. Engineers make extensive use of models. No Engineer worth his salt would use a model with equations that are not proven or that can’t match reality. The reality is contact tracing shows when asymptomatic people quarantine at home with their family, no one else gets infected. Their model would predict over 50% of the time someone else in the home would become infected. This does not match the data therefore their model is wrong. It is junk science. The probable reason that asymptomatic transfer does not exist is that people without symptoms are not sick. Their viral load is too low for the disease to develop. If they do not have enough virus to make themselves sick they do not shed enough virus to make anyone else sick. The government “invented” asymptomatic transfer to explain why so many people with no direct contact were getting infected. This is an airborne virus. You do not need direct contact to become injected. You just need to inhale the same air. The government did not want to admit this because then they would need to admit that masks, social distancing, and business closures do not work. Ironically the vaccines have made asymptomatic transfer possible now. Research has shown that vaccinated people can carry very high viral loads without showing symptoms. That is why every country sees a spike in infections after vaccination programs start. Vaccinated people become typhoid Mary. They quickly spread the virus to the unvaccinated.

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