Covid Truth Bombs from Governor Noem

My 3rd favorite woman in the world just bitch slapped one of the most disgusting men on earth.  Have a look it is nothing short of awesome.


This is from South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s speech at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).  It was broadcast to an international audience.  What makes this so bitingly funny is the truth behind it.

For some bizarre reason the media still celebrates that little weasel Fauci as an expert.  Fauci has flip flopped on almost everything.  When he has taken a stand he has been spectacularly wrong.  Just as he was when he advised Governor Noem about hospitalizations.

I have a question for anyone working in the media how comes across my blog.  How many times and how spectacularly wrong does a left wing lunatic have to be before you stop calling them an expert?  Please post a comment if you can answer that question.

In Just over 1 minute governor Noem lays bare just how wrong the covid restrictions are.

  • Case numbers are meaningless. 90% of positive cases had no symptoms.  Tracking case numbers means dragging healthy people off the street to see if they test positive.  This is expensive and useless.  What is important is how many people are seriously ill.  It is easy to count them because they voluntarily show up at the hospital.
  • People can take responsibility for their own safety. You are free to Work from home, wear a mask, and stay socially distant.  You are not free to force your beliefs and fears on others.
  • Governments should have been more concerned about the big picture. There is more to life than hiding from a virus.

Later in the speech she goes on to say “Covid didn’t crush the American economy. Government crushed the American economy.”  No truer words were ever spoken.  Businesses did not close because all of their workers were sick.  They also did not close because there was no demand for their services.  The government forced businesses to close for no good reason.  Incompetent Governments piled an economic and mental health problem on top of a viral outbreak.  In true government fashion they blundered in and made things infinitely worse.

It truly is a shame that more people like Kristi Noem do not get elected to office.  Common sense and compassion are sorely lacking in western governments.  It is almost completely absent in Canada.  Not a single Canadian Premier could function as an intern In Governor Noem’s administration.  They would all be fired for incompetence and dishonesty.  Almost unbelievably, our Federal government is even worse.



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  1. Jason
    Jason says:

    Brilliant! Last week North Dakota finally started to clue in and passed a bill forbidding mandatory masks. Hey Kenney, how about we do the same.

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