Multiculturalism divides more deeply than COVID

Politicians are experts at divide and conquer.  That’s why identity politics and multi-culturalism are so popular with politicians.  They are effective tools to divide us in to groups and keep us in conflict with each other.  As long as we fight among ourselves politicians are free to do despicable things without much public attention.

Multiculturalism is a particularly destructive policy that I have written about many times on this blog.  Adopting multiculturalism is a sure fire method for destroying a nation.  A nation cannot exist with multiple cultures within its borders.  That why I wrote this more than 2 years ago

Western governments are also using multiculturalism to destroy our societies.  Prior to COVID multiculturalism was the most effective weapons governments wielded.  This is not about race it is about culture.  You can have a multi-racial society you just cannot have a multicultural society.  

And then a few months later I pointed out that multiculturalism leads to a balkanization of society which is a precursor for complete destruction of national identity.

We pursed multiculturalism with such zeal that we were willing to set aside our own laws to facilitate the complete destruction of Canadian Identity.  We now have polygamists complete with child brides in Canada.  Polygamy and statutory rape are illegal for Canadians but not for Hyphenated Canadians.  Hyphenated Canadians are only subject to the laws of the country they fled, even when those laws contradict Canadian law.  That is what 50 years of multiculturalism has brought us, Canada is nothing more than hundreds of separate groups pursuing their own self-interest.  It is simply no longer possible to bring Canadians together under a common cause.

This is of course the real purpose of multiculturalism.  Politicians cut society in to small groups and keep them waring with each other.  That is what keeps citizens from recognizing that their real power is in numbers.  The other group is not our enemy, the government is, and collectively all the balkanized groups outnumber the government 100 to 1.

When I write about governments using multiculturalism as a weapon I am sure the lunatic left ignores everything I say because to them I am a bigot.  Racism is the usual charge despite the fact that race has nothing to do with culture.  But, usually unfounded charges of racism are usually enough to cow most in to silence.  I guess I am just not most people and lately, once again, more people are starting to sound just like me.  Mass migration and multiculturalism have produced such severe problems that it is no longer taboo to discuss them.

We’re here to say that this dismissive attitude—and the general reluctance among policymakers to discuss the socio-economic impacts of mass migration—does a disservice to the many countries that have opened their arms to newcomers. But given recent episodes of crime, riots, and sexual violence, and given the sheer scale of the waves of immigrants now seeking refuge in Europe, we think Europe’s future lies in part with ensuring its cultural survival, which necessarily implies ending immigration.

Surveys, moreover, have repeatedly showed that a high proportion of young Moslems in France consider that the Sharia is a higher law than that of the Republic

IT has gotten so bad even politicians are speaking out.  This week British home secretary, Suella Braverman, shocked many with her speech in which she declared that multi-culturalism has failed.  What the media found so shocking was that Suella is of Indian descent and therefore should never question multi-culturalism because she is a shining example of multiculturalism.

There was a rather personal angle to their criticisms. ‘Remarkable to hear Braverman say multiculturalism has failed’, tweeted Times columnist Hugo Rifkind. ‘She’s a British home secretary descended from Goan Indians from Mauritius and Kenya, married to a Jewish husband, in a government headed by Britain’s first Hindu PM.

The media was shocked because the media is stupid.  They do not understand the difference between cultures and race; something the article author described as a schoolboy error.

They all, simultaneously, made the same schoolboy error – they conflated the fact of living in a diverse society, which almost no one has a problem with, with state multiculturalism, a policy pursued by successive Western governments which emphasizes cultural difference over common values

Suella is not a shining example of the success of multiculturalism.  She is a shining example of the success of assimilation.  Yes she is ethnically Indian but the point is she does not think of herself as Indian.  She thinks of herself as British and she is proud to be part of her adopted country.

I do not wish to heap praise on Suella because she is after all a politician.  This means odds are very high that she is a disgusting human being but in this case it is obvious.  Disgusting or not she is a Brit not an Indian and that is the way immigration is supposed to work.  Multiculturalism benefits politicians, assimilation benefits nations.