Vax hesitancy is not from misinformation

Governments, in particular Canadian governments are aggressively promoting the latest COVID jabs.  They are gearing up expensive marketing programs designed to convince people to take the jabs.  This time I doubt it will work.  Every jab roll out in Canada has been less warmly received than the last.  The plot below shows vaccine uptake by dose in the province of Alberta.

I do not know how many people have taken the latest dose because the province no longer makes that information public which suggests to me the number is close to zero.  Jab advocates blame this growing hesitancy on misinformation but like all else COVID, that is a lie.  Jab hesitancy is just a byproduct of the return of common sense.  Even previously committed jab advocates are starting to question the logic of regular boosters.


When even vaccine advocates are refusing boosters the game is over.  People are finally starting to have the conversation that we should have had prior to the vaccine roll out.  What is the risk versus reward of an experimental treatment?  Of course Vax advocates will say that we didn’t have enough information to do a proper risk/reward analysis in 2021.  But even that excuse should scare you.  We did not know if the rewards outweigh the risks but we forced everyone to take it anyway.

We may not have understood the risks in 2021 but we should have understood the reward, and the reality is that the jabs at best offered very minimal protection.  That is why I was able to correctly predict this in May of 2021.

  1. These treatments only serve to give your immune system a Boost. They help improve your odds of survival.  They really do not do anything more than Vitamin D and Ivermectin.  But there is one crucial difference.  There are no known side effects for Vitamin D and Ivermectin.

  2. The benefit from the treatment is temporary. Antibodies fade quickly without the T cells you have no lasting immunity.  That is what the yearly booster shots are for.  The booster shots are not for new variants as you have been led to believe.

  3. We cannot reach herd immunity through Vaccination. To reach herd immunity everyone must still be exposed to the virus and get infected.

So we knew the benefit was marginal and there were better options than an experimental treatment.  But, we charged ahead with the maximum of stupidity and did it anyway.  Now with time even the most dense vax advocates are realizing that the risk/reward of these treatments does not work for any age group.  In fact the risk is so large government agencies are going out of their way to conceal just how much damage has been done.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is refusing to release the latest data related to heart failure recorded in patients who had recently received Covid vaccinations.

Remarkably after several rounds of injections we are still not even sure if the Jabs are harmful because they are working properly or because of poor quality control.

Replicating the findings of American scientists Kevin McKernan and Phillip Buckhaults, the German biologist Jürgen O. Kirchner has also found massive levels of DNA contamination in vials of the BioNTech-Pfizer mRNA vaccine deployed in the home country of the vaccine, Germany.

So we started with a treatment of limited benefit and then mass produced it with poor quality control.  Really, what could go wrong?  The quality control was poor because there was nothing compelling the manufacturers to improve the quality control.  Remember they have total immunity; Vaccine deaths never factored in to any decision making.  Dead people do not count.

The government though has a solution for the vaccine hesitancy.  No they did not force Pfizer to improve their quality control or even produce a treatment that works.  Instead they have found a way to vaccinate you against your will.

The “Air Vax” can be released into the air without the public’s consent or even people’s knowledge.

Problem solved right?  I don’t know about you but this brings me no comfort.  There is no benign explanation for this development.  Remember these things are not vaccines they do not produce immunity or reduce transmission therefore they produce no public health benefit.  Why would you force vaccinate the entire world when there is no public health benefit?  Why would you do it even if there was?

We all need to be concerned about this dangerous development.  Even if we vote against this it does not mean it won’t be forced on us.  Gain of function research was banned yet that did not stop it from happening and the virus was released by a group of government actors that no one voted for.  The virus was released by American deep state actors cooperating with China in opposition to the American administration.  What would stop deep state actors from releasing the vaccine?  If we don’t start punishing the people behind COVID our collective health is at risk.