Justin wants to bring diversity to you

Justin Trudeau is in trouble politically.  He is losing ground to his main political rival, Pierre Poilievre.  Poilievre has been exploiting 2 of Trudeau’s manufactured crises with Great success; cost of living and the housing crisis.  Poilievre’s message is simple he will reduce cost of living by eliminating the carbon tax and get houses built by incentivizing municipalities to streamline approvals.

These simple promises resonate with Canadians so Trudeau needs to show movement to win people back.  There is no way anyone named Trudeau will ever lower taxes so that leaves only housing.  Trudeau must pretend to do something to solve this problem he caused by unrestricted immigration.  Prime Minister Dress-up is very good at pretending so he took his new cabinet on a retreat so that they could all pretend to solve the housing crisis over expensive wine and food.

The retreat is now over and Canadian’s do not need to worry.  The Trudeau liberals have the solution.  Apparently the only way to provide more housing in one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world is to increase housing density.

“We see densification, we see proper partnerships with municipalities across provinces as being essential to do that (build more housing). And we don’t think that the only solution is to build on protected lands,” he said on Wednesday.

What a novel solution.  They are going to do exactly what I said they would do 8 weeks ago.

The goal of the housing crisis is high density housing inside existing residential neighborhoods.

High Density housing will be the only solution offered because it moves Canada closer to the WEF New world order.  It destroys home equity (you will own nothing remember) and it forces diversification whether you want it or not.  The Trudeau liberals even admitted as much.  High density housing inside existing residential neighborhoods is not really about housing.  It is about diversification and equity.

Whitzman said this has kept large groups, such as communities of colour, immigrants and non-traditional families, from being homeowners, since many of them can’t afford single-family homes within those zones, or at all.

According to the Trudeau liberals densification is the only solution because using all of the vacant land in this large vacant country would require cars and cars are icky.

And when it comes to designing cities around cars, he was blunt: “We have got to get the car out (of urban planning).”

Plus with all the car thefts in your newly diversified neighborhood you won’t want to own a car anyway.  Which is good because the liberals plan to make them unaffordable anyway.

Liberal policies have priced a lot of Canadians out of the housing market and now Liberal policies seem poised to price them out of the vehicle market, too.

What do you think?  Are you willing to sacrifice your home equity on the diversity alter?  Justin is staking his political future on his assumption that you do.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Whenever there is a problem you can bet on two things. 1. The left caused it with braindead or corrupt policies and 2. Whatever their solution is it’ll be 180 degrees in the wrong direction thus causing more problems.

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