A cure worse than the disease

2 more studies of vaccine side effects were recently published.  Both studies are bad news for the vaccines and the vaccinated.  The first study tried to determine how long spike proteins are produced.  It turns out that the spike protein produced from vaccination is not identical to the spike protein on the virus.  This means you can tell the difference between spike proteins hanging around after a natural infection and the vax spike.

Researchers used this knowledge to determine how long your body will produce spike proteins after vaccination.  The results were very concerning.

It turns out that only the people in the vaccinated subgroup were found to carry vaccine-derived spike protein. What is worse, vaccine spike protein was found as late as six months after the last dose.

Sadly, Covid vaccines do not come with an ‘off’ switch, and there is no way to stop this persistent spike protein production.

It looks like some people may produce spike proteins indefinitely.  This is incredibly bad because the spike protein is a toxin and your immune system might learn to ignore it.  People who continually produce spike may develop chronic lifelong health issues.

While worrisome these finding are really not all that surprising.  mRNA jabs are ridiculously complex solutions to what should have been a simple problem.  The way they work there is no way to control what happens.

Complex solutions have too many moving parts and therefore too many things that can go wrong.  As Dr. Yeadon points out, with these treatments there is no way to control which cells produce spike proteins, how much they will produce, or how long they will produce for. 

The COVID vaccines were an incredibly bad idea.  Injecting everyone with a substance when you have absolutely no control what happens after the needle pierces skin is criminal.  The odds that things would go wrong were just way too high.  No one should have taken the jab but billions did and now millions have been injured.  Sadly some of the injured have been children and that brings us to the second study.

The second study concerned itself with how the jabs affected immune response in children.  You can find the study here, but it is very difficult to read.  An easy explanation can be found here.  Basically the researchers drew blood from vaccinated volunteers and then introduced various pathogens to see how the blood would react.  Blood from vaccinated children displayed a suppressed immune response.  No one knows how long this suppressed immune response will persist.  This could be a permanent condition.  Vaccinated children may suffer with a poor immune system for the rest of their vax shortened lives.

Crimes against children are the most heinous of all crimes and the Jabs are a crime.  Not a single healthy child died of COVID therefore the jabs offered zero benefit to children yet they still carried significant risk.  The risk reward balance for children and young people in general is highly negative.  This was apparent to anyone who was not an imbecile long before the first child was jabbed.

Would it be ethical to sacrifice 50 young men to prolong the lives of seniors?  You might think it is heartless to say we are trading one life for another but that is exactly what we are doing.  Worse we are doing it without any guarantee it will save anyone.  What we are doing is no different than throwing people into the volcano to appease the COVID gods.

The COVID jabs have failed completely.  They failed to prevent a single COVID death while causing immense damage.  People have died and may continue to die for years from excessive spike proteins and damaged immunity.  It is hard to imagine a way we could have made things any worse than we have.