Canadian media facilitates Canada’s destruction

Today is Canada Day, a holiday that has lost much of its appeal after 8 years of Justin Trudeau.  Canada today is certainly not the country I grew up in.  With our relatively small population (now 40 million) Canada was never going to be an important country but Canada used to be respected.  We used to punch above our weight and we were a valued partner.  Now thanks to Trudeau we are a global laughing stock.

The only people in the world who do not see Justin Trudeau as a clown are Canadians and it is not because we know him better than the rest of the world.  It is because we know him less.  Canadian media has made sure of that.  Canadian media has been a willing partner in Trudeau’s destruction of Canada.  Even when they appear to criticize government they are actually covertly supporting his agenda.  Take this article that pretends to be critical of how government is handling the current housing crisis.

If municipalities are too beholden to NIMBYs to act, then provincial governments must force their hands, overriding them on zoning regulations and reducing bureaucratic red tape that holds back new builds.

This “journalist” lays the blame for the crisis on municipalities.  There is no doubt municipalities have contributed but this problem has way more to do with Justin Trudeau than any city mayor in the country.  Justin Trudeau has dramatically increased the cost of doing business in Canada with carbon taxes.  He has also introduced other environmental regulations that have made it extraordinarily difficult to build anything in Canada.  This has resulted in far fewer homes being built at a time when Trudeau has been flooding the country with immigrants.

So Trudeau has artificially decreased supply and increased demand in order to cause a crisis and the media is casting blame on municipalities that are dealing with the problem.  But with this article the National post is not just deflecting blame for Trudeau they are also supporting his agenda.  Trudeau’s agenda is Klaus Schwab’s agenda.  Klaus Schwab wants 15 minute cities so Justin wants 15 minute cities.  15 minute cities require single family homes to be torn down to build high density apartments.

Go back and read the Post quote again.  The only solution offered is changing zoning bylaws.  This is classic liberal politics; create a crisis and then offer only one way out.  They did this with COVID.  They shut down the economy and the only solution was a vaccine.  The goal of the lockdowns was always the vaccine.  The goal of the housing crisis is high density housing inside existing residential neighborhoods.

Canada is a large country with few people.  We have nothing but space.  Housing of any type can be built anywhere.  Government could allow new housing including high density housing on the outskirts of almost any city and connect it with transit and freeways.  This would solve the housing problem but would not achieve the WEF goals so this solution is never considered.

The WEF goal is to restrict movement and destroy wealth.  They must eliminate wealth in order to have a society where you will own nothing.  The largest source of wealth for the average person is their home.  People pay premiums to buy single family homes in established neighborhoods.  Building high density housing inside those neighborhoods will cause home values to plummet.  The premium they paid evaporates.

This is a great way to take money from people without appearing to take money from anyone.  That money just disappears.  Or if you are paying a mortgage, it transfers to the bank. Trudeau is marching Canada down the road to the great reset and Canadian media are working diligently to make sure Canadians don’t know it.

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