Quarantining healthy people was stupid and dishonest

In the spring of 2020 the western world in unison locked down.  The excuse we were given was that hospitals must be protected.  If we did not slow down the transmission of the virus hospitals would be overrun.  A few less trusting souls like me asked the obvious question.  How does quarantining healthy people have any effect on viral transmission?  There were 2 answers to that question.  The first was shut up and obey you racist misogynist.  When we did not accept that answer the next answer we got was asymptomatic transmission.  Everyone must wear a mask and isolate at home because anyone could be Typhoid Mary.

This was of course a lie and they knew it.  Asymptomatic transmission has never been a problem with any other virus and contact tracing proved that COVID asymptomatic transmission is a myth.

The authors combined the data from 54 different studies which included almost 78,000 people.  The studies determined how often an infected person infected someone else in their household.  They found that.

  • Your spouse is 2.25 times as dangerous as your child.

  • Symptomatic people infect someone else in the house 18% of the time.

  • Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people only infected someone else 0.7% of the time.

A similar study of pre-symptomatic transmission has recently been released.  This study did not trace to see if a pre-symptomatic person infected anyone else.  Instead they just compared the levels of viral shedding between pre-symptomatic and symptomatic people.  They found that pre-symptomatic people shed so little virus that pre-symptomatic transmission was unlikely.

The paper, published in the August issue of the journal The Lancet Microbe, found that infected people presymptomatically—that is before they developed symptoms—very rarely had the ability to infect others.

Taken together these 2 studies prove without a shadow of a doubt that it was all a lie.  Lockdowns, masks, and social distancing had little to no effect on viral transmission.  Placing restrictions on healthy people does nothing because healthy people do not spread the virus.  The only thing that needed to be done was to tell sick people to stay home, just as we have done in every cold and flu season prior to 2020.

None of this was about a virus.  It was all about eliminating rights and transferring wealth.  The people who did this are planning to do it again.  Do not succumb to fear again.  Do not let them place any restrictions on healthy people.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    When they lock down borders from anyone entering illegally I’ll start to maybe believe they’re serious about being concerned for anyone else’s safety.

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