Vaccine Passports are not Really Passports, Which is Fitting Because the Vaccines are not Really Vaccines Either

A few days ago, I discussed the SARS COV2 “vaccinations” again.  I pointed out that it is a lie to call these injections vaccinations.  They are not vaccinations they are experimental gene therapy.  In fact, these injections have only been approved for emergency experimental use.  Anyone who agrees to be injected needs to know that they are now part of the largest gene therapy experiment in history.

I am not willing to be part of this experiment because when it was performed on animals it went horribly wrong.  Unfortunately, there are empty headed Tyrants like Boris Johnson who want to force the vaccine on people like me.

First, I need to say as an Albertan I am very sympathetic to Britons right now.  Both of us rejoiced when we replaced an incompetent, destructive politician (Rachel Notley and Theresa May) with someone we believed to be a champion of freedom (Jason Kenney and Boris Johnson).  To our dismay both Albertans and Britons discovered the new guy was even more destructive than the old gal.

So, Boris wants proof of vaccination before you enter Britain.  Funny how these globalists have finally found a use for a border isn’t it?  I am not a member of the lunatic left, so I have no issue with border controls.  About a decade ago I travelled to Peru for work.  I had to bring records proving I had been Vaccinated for yellow fever.  I got my Vaccination without complaint.  I am not an antivaxxer.  I recognized that there was a very good reason to be vaccinated against yellow fever.  Here is what the Mayo clinic says about yellow fever.


Yellow fever results in death for 20% to 50% of those who develop severe disease. Complications during the toxic phase of a yellow fever infection include kidney and liver failure, jaundice, delirium, and coma.

People who survive the infection recover gradually over a period of several weeks to months, usually without significant organ damage. During this time a person may experience fatigue and jaundice. Other complications include secondary bacterial infections, such as pneumonia or blood infections.

50% of people who get yellow fever do not recover and the ones who do go through hell.  Compare that with Covid.  I am not young but even in my age group 99.7% recover and most do it without ever having symptoms.  We are comparing a very deadly apple to a harmless orange.

Still, it is Boris’s right to impose any border restrictions he wants right?  Yes, that is true.  If Boris says I cannot enter Britain without submitting to experimental Gene therapy, then I will not enter Britain.  That is still my choice.  The Problem is Boris is using deceptive language again.  A passport is a document you use to cross an international border.  These are not passports.

Boris has spoken openly about restricting rights of anyone who has not consented to be a lab rat.  You will not be able to work, go to the store, or travel around within the country.  Boris will do anything in his power to force this medical procedure on everyone.  Boris is doing an end run around consent.  The beatings will stop once you sign the paper in front of you.  Remind me again.  How many Nazis did we hang for experimenting on people without their consent?

The media tells us Canadians are clamoring for the vaccine and are very disappointed that the Prime Moron dropped the ball.  The more often the media repeats something the more likely it is to be a lie.  We get told this one daily, so I am going to put it in the lie column.  First, I doubt that in 2021 any Canadian still expects competence from our Prime Moron.  The monkeys they sent to space were more capable than Justin Trudeau.  All the monkeys had to do was sit still for the ride; Justin cannot even do that.  Second, we are starting to see diminishing demand for the injections elsewhere in the world.

There are a lot of people who still think these injections are simple vaccines so why all the pushbacks?  Maybe they are starting to ask the questions this guy asks.


There might be hope for humanity after all.