Florida is Winning and Alberta is Losing

In March Florida Governor DeSantis followed the herd and locked down his state.  In the first few days of the lockdown Governor DeSantis suspected the people screaming the sky is falling were all lunatics and liars.  Governor DeSantis did something radical by the standards of modern politics; he sought out real experts.  These real experts confirmed that the people shouting loudest were truly lunatics and liars.  The real experts told Governor DeSantis that the lockdowns should be lifted.  In the face of staunch opposition, the Governor lifted the lockdown.

For 11 months governor DeSantis has been vilified by the press and the lunatic left.  Now something remarkable is happening.  People are starting to notice that he was right.  See the article below.


If you do not want to read about it, Ivor Cummins explained it on twitter.



These results are not at all surprising for anyone with common sense.  It is impossible to completely lock down a modern society without starving people.  If you let them go to wall mart you may as well let them go to work.  You cannot hide from an airborne virus.

Unfortunately, not many people in the media or government have any common sense.  Believe it or not this moron is an advisor to Joe Biden.


He is mystified that everyone in Florida is not dead.  He does admit that there is a lot he does not know about the virus.  You must hand it to him though, he does not let his ignorance hold him back.  He may not know anything about the virus, but he knows lockdowns are working.  I think the most important thing this man does not know is that he is an idiot.  That little nugget of ignorance makes him the most dangerous kind of idiot, one who thinks he is smart.  We have one of those running our country and it really has not worked out well.

We also have one of those deluded idiots running our province and his lack of intelligence is killing people.  Here are the weekly deaths in Alberta.

Up until week 40 (mid-October) everything was normal in Alberta.  We did not have any excess deaths in the first season of Covid.  Since then, things have not been normal.  We are now seeing excess deaths.  That is just covid though, right?  Well not really.  If I take the official Covid death tally and add it to the average I cannot account for all the deaths.  See the green line in the plot below.

Almost 40% of our excess deaths are not due to Covid.  We have discussed this before.  The covid restrictions are very detrimental to overall public health.  The longer the restrictions are in place the more deaths we will see.  It will not be long before the restrictions claim more lives than the virus.  At some point Jason and Deena must face criminal prosecution for what they have done.