Please Danielle, At Least Give Me The Last 2 Questions

Apparently Danielle Smith is interviewing Jason Kenney on her last radio broadcast.  Danielle has asked listeners to send thoughts about things she can cover.  What follows is the email I sent her with my suggestions.




A friend of mine told me that you were looking for input for your conversation with Jason Kenney.  I certainly would love to put questions to Jason Kenney but I suspect would not phrase questions as diplomatically as you.  With that in Mind I have composed a series of questions that you might ask and then similar questions that I might ask.


Questions you might ask.

  • What evidence were you presented that convinced you selectively closing businesses would in any way affect the spread of Covid 19?
  • After the spring business closures what analysis did your staff do that showed closing businesses and striping people of their rights was more beneficial than harmful?

I suspect that after Jason answers you may have to explain to him that models are not evidence of anything.

Questions I might ask

  • When Deena Hinshaw told you that the cure for covid 19 was unemployment, why didn’t you ask to see her medical degree?
  • In what class in med school did Deena learn that viruses will get lonely and move on if we just hide long enough?
  • Why do you think trampling rights is an effective way to treat a virus?
  • Before destroying lives and livelihoods, why did you only consult people whose expertise is screaming the sky is falling very loudly?



Questions you might ask

  • The provincial mask mandate came after a Danish study was published that showed masks were not effective. Why did you disregard this information and mandate masks anyway?
  • Prior to the provincial mask mandate the large increases in cases were in Edmonton and Calgary where masks had already been mandatory for 4 months. Why did you ignore your own data showing the ineffectiveness of masks?

Questions I might ask

  • When can we expect the burka mandate?
  • When the burka mandate is enacted how many times per day must we pray while facing your residence?


Protecting seniors

Questions you might ask

  • You speak often about protecting seniors yet the covid restrictions largely affect younger people who are at very little risk. What made you believe restricting the movement and activities of children could protect seniors?
  • Specifically what policies did your government enact to improve the outcome for seniors?

Questions I might ask

  • Why is dying alone and afraid preferable to dying with covid?
  • How many seniors were saved by wrapping yellow caution tape around playground equipment?
  • How many seniors were saved by directing police to assault people playing hockey outdoors?


Hospital capacity

Questions you might ask

  • At the peak this winter about 950 people were in the hospital. That represents about 0.02% of the population.  How can a wealthy province like Alberta be stretched to the breaking point by such a small number of hospitalizations?
  • In other jurisdictions temporary hospitals were constructed. Why didn’t we do anything to increase our capacity?  How come preventing people from accessing hospitals was the only solution to capacity?
  • Why did you cancel elective procedures before there was any need for those hospital beds? Didn’t that decision in the spring only make our situation now worse?

Questions I might ask

  • Our system apparently struggles when 0.02% of the population becomes ill in cold and flu season. Are you ready to admit that our system is not world class?
  • Whose fault is it that we pay for lobster and receive baloney when it comes to health care?
  • Deena Hinshaw spent a lot of time at press conferences wringing her hands in worry. How did regularly performing for the cameras prevent infections or increase hospital capacity?
  • Why the hell does Deena Hinshaw still have a job?
  • When do you, Jason, apologize to Albertans and commit to leaving the province?

3 replies
  1. Jason
    Jason says:

    This post is somewhat related to what I’ve been noticing lately with the provincial daily updates. I will direct my attention to the news reporters who represent the virus that is the media for never ever asking the tough questions and putting Deena on the spot during a press conference. All I ever here is “How many cases of the variant are there now Dr. Hinshaw? or Should we be worried about people not wearing a mask?, why aren’t police arresting people for not wearing a mask?”. How about asking her what data she’s used to justify closing down specific businesses or how have lockdowns prevented cases, hospitalizations and deaths??

  2. Dale Szott
    Dale Szott says:

    Awesome post Richard. I was going to send questions for him but I forwarded yours instead. I encourage everyone to share these posts through whatever means you have.

  3. Tim
    Tim says:

    I have a couple more questions for Mr Kenney: 1. What is it like to know an NDP plant is making your covid decisions for you? 2. What is it like to possible be the most idiotic premier Alberta has ever had?
    Asking for a friend.

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