Are We Lambs to the Slaughter?

From the start of this “crisis” there has been a lot of speculation that the Sars COV2 was a weapon engineered in the Wuhan lab.  This was something I always dismissed because a weapon that does not kill military age adults did not seem very effective to me.  Then, a month ago, I posted an interview with Doctor Lee Merrit.  Dr. Merrit is ex-military and she pointed out that the Vaccines are potentially a better weapon than the virus.  For pointing out the obvious Dr. merit was immediately scrubbed from the internet.

What makes the Vaccines potential weapons is that they are not Vaccines.  Once again, the government and media are being deceitful with their language.  By calling these injections Vaccines the government is intentionally misleading the public.  They want people to equate them with something common that everyone has already done at least once in their life without problem.  We need to be clear; these injections are not Vaccines they are Gene therapy.

In a regular Vaccine a dead or weakened virus is injected.  This triggers your bodies immune system to build defenses against this virus.  When you encounter a live virus, your body already knows how to handle it.  The Covid “vaccines” do not do that.  The Covid injections introduce new RNA into your body.  That RNA invades cells and re-programs them in to produce the Coronavirus spike protein.  Your body sees the spike protein and reacts to it.  In theory you build immunity without ever being exposed to the virus.

This all sounds wonderful right?  There is just one small problem.  When they have done this with animals all of them have died.  At first everything was fine but when a new coronavirus, with its distinctive spike protein, was introduced bad things happened quickly.  The animal’s immune system recognized the spike protein and attacked it.  The problem was that now every cell in the animal’s body could produce spike proteins.  This caused the immune system to see everything as a virus and attack all cells.  The animal was killed by their own immune system.

One of the reasons I will not be taking the covid injections is that no one has explained how this treatment is different than the treatment that killed all the lab animals.  Remember they skipped the animal testing phase when they developed this therapy.  This is what Dr. Merrit pointed out.  By making everyone susceptible to this hyperactive immune response the “Vaccine” could be a very effective weapon.  All you must do is wait until everyone is “vaccinated” and release another coronavirus.

But even this scenario seemed to leave too much to chance.  If this really is Chinese biowarfare how could they be sure that Pfizer did not find a way to eliminate the hyper immune response?  Also, once you release a virus your own troops would be susceptible to it as well.  They may not be susceptible to the hyper immune response, but they still can get ill and die.

That is the fundamental problem with bioweapons.  Anything that you release can also affect your own people.  You can not use bioweapons unless you are able to do at least one of the 2 following things.

  1. Have a reliable cure or antidote that can be distributed quickly on a large scale.
  2. Identify a unique genetic signature in your enemy that can be targeted.

The first option would still carry high risk.  What if something disrupted your supply chain?  You would helplessly watch your own people die.  The second option seems safer but way more difficult.

I am not a geneticist, but I would think a single genetic trait that was uniform throughout one population while completely absent in another would be very rare.  It would probably need to be created artificially.  But really, how could you get an entire population to agree to the same gene therapy?  That could never happen could it?

Tin foil hat stuff, right?  I mean it is not like the president of Pfizer is refusing to take his own “vaccine”.


I stand corrected.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    There are reports out daily of people in nursing homes dying within hours or days of taking the vaccine. Personal testimonies, some independent media reports of course buried by the msm or they simply state people died but it wasn’t the shot…

    Alex Jones covers it
    Robert F Kennedy Junior.

    Have a look on the Internet at people with Bell’s palsy, uncontrollable shakes and chills, Extremely high fevers, miscarriages and of course deaths. Who knows long-term effects . If you think I’m sounding like an alarmist…. I AM…. DONT TAKE THE SHOT!

  2. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Two of the most evil control freaks on the planet amazingly are heavily invested in the shots that just so happened to be developed and “emergency approved” with no actual liability first. Pfizer/Moderna

    These two men took their program testing coronaviruses mutating from bats to humans to the Wuhan lab because it was canceled in the US in 2015 because It was deemed unethical for risk of accidental release into society.

    Amazingly the virus originated in Wuhan China…and these two men are also very worried about overpopulation in the world. Too many coincidences Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.

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