With Covid The Most Important Thing We Know is That the Government is Lying

A friend sent me a couple videos this morning.  Both videos make important points but taken together they make an even more important point.  First let’s start with a doctor I have linked before.  The Good doctor is discussing another vitamin D study out of Spain.  Again the doctor is not the most dynamic speaker so if you don’t have 25 minutes skip to the bottom of the video where I summarize the important details.

Dr. Campbell gives a good explanation of how your body uses vitamin D.  Vitamin D first goes to the liver where it is converted to Calcifediol then the kidneys convert the calcifediol to calcitrol homone.  The kidneys do the conversion quickly but the conversion in the liver is very slow.  When a covid patient enters the hospital if you just gave them vitamin D they would die before the liver finished converting it to calcifediol.  In this study then they skipped that step and gave the patients calcifediol directly.

930 people took part in the study, these were people already so sick they had to be admitted to hospital.  551 were given calcifediol and 379 got a placebo.  The results were dramatic.  More than twice as many people in the control group died.  15% of the control group died compared to 6.5% of the Calcifedol group.  Calcifediol is cheap and has no side effects.  There is absolutely no reason not to give every covid patient a high dose of Calcifediol.  It would be unethical not to give them Calcifediol.

The most powerful point Dr. Campbell makes is that by giving the control group placebos 24 people died who could have been saved.  24 people gave their lives so we could determine Calcifediol works.  In light of their sacrifice, it is not just unethical not to use Calcifediol, it is also immoral.

The second video is also a familiar face.  I linked this Irish woman before.  She has been using freedom of information requests to get the Irish government to admit 2 things.

  1. That no one to their knowledge has ever isolated and purified the Sars Cov2 virus.
  2. There is no scientific basis for lockdowns or data indicating they are effective.

Here is the video

She claims there is no virus.  From a scientific basis she is correct.  If we have never isolated and purified the virus then we can’t say for certain that it exists.  More importantly if we have never isolated the virus then even if it exists we cannot say that it causes covid 19.  Standard practice for proving a virus causes a disease is to take a purified sample and inject it in to a lab animal.  If the animal gets the disease you have proven the link.  No one has done this for Sars Cov2.  With covid 19 we have thrown the rules out.  We are skipping steps in the process so the science simply is not credible.

To ramp up the absurdity of this whole situation the PCR test does not test for the virus.  It tests for a small piece of RNA that we can’t be sure belongs to the virus.  So if you are having trouble following this convoluted trail here is how it breaks down.  We are testing for a piece of RNA that we think belongs to a virus that might be causing Covid 19.  With that degree of uncertainty the only proper recourse was to shut the world down.  Something we also can’t be sure works.

With anything there are things that we know and things that we do not know.  When it comes to Covid these are the things government claims to know with iron clad certainty.

  • A positive PCR test means you are infected with the Sars COV 2 virus.
  • The Sars COV 2 virus causes a disease called Covid 19.
  • The only effective treatment for Covid 19 is a very expensive and experimental Vaccine
  • The only way to reduce risk prior, during, and after vaccination is to hide in your basement with a mask.

Here is the list of what we actually know about the Sars COV 2 virus.

  • A positive PCR test means you have a strand of RNA that not only is not unique to the virus, may not have anything to do with the virus.
  • There is evidence out of Wuhan China that either the strand of RNA we test for does not belong to the virus or that the virus does not cause the disease.
  • There are several effective and inexpensive treatments for Covid 19, including plain old vitamin D.
  • The Vaccines, which are not technically even vaccines, are experimental and we do not know if they are effective against the virus.
  • Hiding in your basement with a mask effectively insulates you from reality but does not protect you from the virus.

Take a look at those 2 lists.  Once again I am forced to conclude that everything the government says is a lie.  That is the important point driven home by these 2 Videos.  When it comes to Covid you cannot trust anything that the government tells you.

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