How Much are the Rights of Law Abiding Citizens Worth?

My brother sent me this video a few days ago.  The man in the video is Chris Sky.  He has become a prominent covid lockdown protestor.


Everything that Chris says in the video is correct.  Even the police grudgingly admitted that what they were doing was not legal.  That bears repeating.  Nothing the federal government is doing at airports is legal.

I have discussed the charter of rights before.  Canadians unfortunately do not have rights.  They have privileges that the government are allowed to suspend by declaring an emergency.  The emergency declaration is where the problem lays.  Airports are under the jurisdiction of the Federal government.  The Federal government has not declared a public welfare emergency and invoked the federal emergency act.  Therefore the government cannot suspend your privileges of freedom of movement.

Every time the Federal government detains someone in one of their “covid hotels” they are violating that person’s charter rights (privileges).  Remember when we paid this guy $10.5 million for violating his charter rights?

10.5 million, the government must have done something really bad to him right?  Absolutely the government was guilty of interviewing him without a guardian or a nap.  Omar Khadr is a piece of crap who went to the Middle East to kill people.  The Americans arrested him after he killed an army medic.  The medic was tending to wounded when Kahdr killed him.  Canadians had nothing to do with his arrest, detention, or conviction.

Canadian authorities did interview Kahdr at Guantanamo bay and shared what they learned with our American allies.  Since the interview took place in an American prison it is awfully foolish to believe the Americans were not listening anyway.  At no time was Kahdr’s guilt in question.   The interview changed nothing.  It had no influence on his conviction or sentence.  Omar Kahdr got $10.5 million because no one got his moms’ permission to interview him, in a foreign country, about MURDERS he had committed in another foreign country.

With this precedent in mind how much do you think we owe law abiding Canadian citizens illegally detained by Canadian authorities on Canadian soil?  I would start with the amount in Justin Trudeau’s trust fund.  Then we can move on to the assets of the Trudeau foundation.  After that WE charity assets are fair game.