Tyrants never Relinquish power.

On Saturday there was a lockdown protest in Edmonton.  The next morning every news channel was carrying stories of the terrible racists who dominated the protest.  Eventually even the evil Troll Jason Kenney chimed in.

After criticism, Premier Jason Kenney condemns racist elements at Edmonton torch rally | CBC News

I knew this story was likely a lie.  After all real racists are a very rare breed, any protest that they could dominate must have been small.  Also why were racists concerned about covid regulations?  Did they want the government to legislate that minorities must get covid?

Given how unlikely it was that the protest was full of racists I wondered what proof they had.  A charge of racism is very serious.  A serious accusation should come with serious evidence.  The media was very consistent on this point.  The protestors were obviously racist because some of them carried tiki torches.

I wish I could tell you I am joking but I cannot.  In Canada the media itself is the joke.  I no longer expect any serious analysis or honesty from the media or politicians.  Still I was curious why the media and government were so quick to pull the racism card.  This is a card usually played to distract from something the government does not want to talk about.  What the government wants to cover up is apparent after watching this video.


The government sent in the Edmonton brown shirts Police to disrupt a peaceful protest.  The police waded into the crowd to arrest one of the people scheduled to speak.  Could you imagine the shit storm we would see if they had arrested one of the speakers at a BLM rally?  The man they arrested broke no laws.  The only people breaking the law Saturday in Edmonton were members of the Edmonton police service.

Service is an odd word to use when describing these thugs.  Who exactly, were they serving?  Could it be Rachel Notley? Rachel wrote a letter urging the police to break heads.  Instead of telling her that they would not comply with an unlawful request, they showed up and busted heads.  Using the police to intimidate and assault protestors is the hallmark of left wing tyranny.  Jason Kenney let this happen.  Is there anyone who still wants to argue that Jason Kenney is not a left wing lunatic?  That he is not an ideological soulmate to Rachel Notley?

The evil troll desperately wants you to believe the protesters were racists.  No one gets upset when racists get treated roughly by police.  There is also no reason to listen to a racist who is upset that the government is violating rights for no good reason.  What happened Saturday was not motivated by racism.  It was just a tantrum from a soy boy drunk on his own power.  Tyrants like Jason always jealously protect and preserve their power.  Listen to this woman who explains it well.


Jason Kenney like most professional politicians has no marketable skills.  If he was in private enterprise he would bounce from one dead end job to the next and get ignored by everyone along the way.  I have no doubt Jason was picked last for every game in gym class.  Those scars are with him today and now covid enables him to exact revenge.  There is no way he will give that up.  On Saturday Jason crossed a line.  There is no way to back up from this.  It is not enough just to vote a tyrant out of office.  He has to face justice for his crimes.  But he would rather you chalk it all up to racism.

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