Please Danielle, At Least Give Me The Last 2 Questions

Apparently Danielle Smith is interviewing Jason Kenney on her last radio broadcast.  Danielle has asked listeners to send thoughts about things she can cover.  What follows is the email I sent her with my suggestions.




A friend of mine told me that you were looking for input for your conversation with Jason Kenney.  I certainly would love to put questions to Jason Kenney but I suspect would not phrase questions as diplomatically as you.  With that in Mind I have composed a series of questions that you might ask and then similar questions that I might ask.


Questions you might ask.

  • What evidence were you presented that convinced you selectively closing businesses would in any way affect the spread of Covid 19?
  • After the spring business closures what analysis did your staff do that showed closing businesses and striping people of their rights was more beneficial than harmful?

I suspect that after Jason answers you may have to explain to him that models are not evidence of anything.

Questions I might ask

  • When Deena Hinshaw told you that the cure for covid 19 was unemployment, why didn’t you ask to see her medical degree?
  • In what class in med school did Deena learn that viruses will get lonely and move on if we just hide long enough?
  • Why do you think trampling rights is an effective way to treat a virus?
  • Before destroying lives and livelihoods, why did you only consult people whose expertise is screaming the sky is falling very loudly?



Questions you might ask

  • The provincial mask mandate came after a Danish study was published that showed masks were not effective. Why did you disregard this information and mandate masks anyway?
  • Prior to the provincial mask mandate the large increases in cases were in Edmonton and Calgary where masks had already been mandatory for 4 months. Why did you ignore your own data showing the ineffectiveness of masks?

Questions I might ask

  • When can we expect the burka mandate?
  • When the burka mandate is enacted how many times per day must we pray while facing your residence?


Protecting seniors

Questions you might ask

  • You speak often about protecting seniors yet the covid restrictions largely affect younger people who are at very little risk. What made you believe restricting the movement and activities of children could protect seniors?
  • Specifically what policies did your government enact to improve the outcome for seniors?

Questions I might ask

  • Why is dying alone and afraid preferable to dying with covid?
  • How many seniors were saved by wrapping yellow caution tape around playground equipment?
  • How many seniors were saved by directing police to assault people playing hockey outdoors?


Hospital capacity

Questions you might ask

  • At the peak this winter about 950 people were in the hospital. That represents about 0.02% of the population.  How can a wealthy province like Alberta be stretched to the breaking point by such a small number of hospitalizations?
  • In other jurisdictions temporary hospitals were constructed. Why didn’t we do anything to increase our capacity?  How come preventing people from accessing hospitals was the only solution to capacity?
  • Why did you cancel elective procedures before there was any need for those hospital beds? Didn’t that decision in the spring only make our situation now worse?

Questions I might ask

  • Our system apparently struggles when 0.02% of the population becomes ill in cold and flu season. Are you ready to admit that our system is not world class?
  • Whose fault is it that we pay for lobster and receive baloney when it comes to health care?
  • Deena Hinshaw spent a lot of time at press conferences wringing her hands in worry. How did regularly performing for the cameras prevent infections or increase hospital capacity?
  • Why the hell does Deena Hinshaw still have a job?
  • When do you, Jason, apologize to Albertans and commit to leaving the province?

Are We Lambs to the Slaughter?

From the start of this “crisis” there has been a lot of speculation that the Sars COV2 was a weapon engineered in the Wuhan lab.  This was something I always dismissed because a weapon that does not kill military age adults did not seem very effective to me.  Then, a month ago, I posted an interview with Doctor Lee Merrit.  Dr. Merrit is ex-military and she pointed out that the Vaccines are potentially a better weapon than the virus.  For pointing out the obvious Dr. merit was immediately scrubbed from the internet.

What makes the Vaccines potential weapons is that they are not Vaccines.  Once again, the government and media are being deceitful with their language.  By calling these injections Vaccines the government is intentionally misleading the public.  They want people to equate them with something common that everyone has already done at least once in their life without problem.  We need to be clear; these injections are not Vaccines they are Gene therapy.

In a regular Vaccine a dead or weakened virus is injected.  This triggers your bodies immune system to build defenses against this virus.  When you encounter a live virus, your body already knows how to handle it.  The Covid “vaccines” do not do that.  The Covid injections introduce new RNA into your body.  That RNA invades cells and re-programs them in to produce the Coronavirus spike protein.  Your body sees the spike protein and reacts to it.  In theory you build immunity without ever being exposed to the virus.

This all sounds wonderful right?  There is just one small problem.  When they have done this with animals all of them have died.  At first everything was fine but when a new coronavirus, with its distinctive spike protein, was introduced bad things happened quickly.  The animal’s immune system recognized the spike protein and attacked it.  The problem was that now every cell in the animal’s body could produce spike proteins.  This caused the immune system to see everything as a virus and attack all cells.  The animal was killed by their own immune system.

One of the reasons I will not be taking the covid injections is that no one has explained how this treatment is different than the treatment that killed all the lab animals.  Remember they skipped the animal testing phase when they developed this therapy.  This is what Dr. Merrit pointed out.  By making everyone susceptible to this hyperactive immune response the “Vaccine” could be a very effective weapon.  All you must do is wait until everyone is “vaccinated” and release another coronavirus.

But even this scenario seemed to leave too much to chance.  If this really is Chinese biowarfare how could they be sure that Pfizer did not find a way to eliminate the hyper immune response?  Also, once you release a virus your own troops would be susceptible to it as well.  They may not be susceptible to the hyper immune response, but they still can get ill and die.

That is the fundamental problem with bioweapons.  Anything that you release can also affect your own people.  You can not use bioweapons unless you are able to do at least one of the 2 following things.

  1. Have a reliable cure or antidote that can be distributed quickly on a large scale.
  2. Identify a unique genetic signature in your enemy that can be targeted.

The first option would still carry high risk.  What if something disrupted your supply chain?  You would helplessly watch your own people die.  The second option seems safer but way more difficult.

I am not a geneticist, but I would think a single genetic trait that was uniform throughout one population while completely absent in another would be very rare.  It would probably need to be created artificially.  But really, how could you get an entire population to agree to the same gene therapy?  That could never happen could it?

Tin foil hat stuff, right?  I mean it is not like the president of Pfizer is refusing to take his own “vaccine”.


I stand corrected.

With Covid The Most Important Thing We Know is That the Government is Lying

A friend sent me a couple videos this morning.  Both videos make important points but taken together they make an even more important point.  First let’s start with a doctor I have linked before.  The Good doctor is discussing another vitamin D study out of Spain.  Again the doctor is not the most dynamic speaker so if you don’t have 25 minutes skip to the bottom of the video where I summarize the important details.

Dr. Campbell gives a good explanation of how your body uses vitamin D.  Vitamin D first goes to the liver where it is converted to Calcifediol then the kidneys convert the calcifediol to calcitrol homone.  The kidneys do the conversion quickly but the conversion in the liver is very slow.  When a covid patient enters the hospital if you just gave them vitamin D they would die before the liver finished converting it to calcifediol.  In this study then they skipped that step and gave the patients calcifediol directly.

930 people took part in the study, these were people already so sick they had to be admitted to hospital.  551 were given calcifediol and 379 got a placebo.  The results were dramatic.  More than twice as many people in the control group died.  15% of the control group died compared to 6.5% of the Calcifedol group.  Calcifediol is cheap and has no side effects.  There is absolutely no reason not to give every covid patient a high dose of Calcifediol.  It would be unethical not to give them Calcifediol.

The most powerful point Dr. Campbell makes is that by giving the control group placebos 24 people died who could have been saved.  24 people gave their lives so we could determine Calcifediol works.  In light of their sacrifice, it is not just unethical not to use Calcifediol, it is also immoral.

The second video is also a familiar face.  I linked this Irish woman before.  She has been using freedom of information requests to get the Irish government to admit 2 things.

  1. That no one to their knowledge has ever isolated and purified the Sars Cov2 virus.
  2. There is no scientific basis for lockdowns or data indicating they are effective.

Here is the video

She claims there is no virus.  From a scientific basis she is correct.  If we have never isolated and purified the virus then we can’t say for certain that it exists.  More importantly if we have never isolated the virus then even if it exists we cannot say that it causes covid 19.  Standard practice for proving a virus causes a disease is to take a purified sample and inject it in to a lab animal.  If the animal gets the disease you have proven the link.  No one has done this for Sars Cov2.  With covid 19 we have thrown the rules out.  We are skipping steps in the process so the science simply is not credible.

To ramp up the absurdity of this whole situation the PCR test does not test for the virus.  It tests for a small piece of RNA that we can’t be sure belongs to the virus.  So if you are having trouble following this convoluted trail here is how it breaks down.  We are testing for a piece of RNA that we think belongs to a virus that might be causing Covid 19.  With that degree of uncertainty the only proper recourse was to shut the world down.  Something we also can’t be sure works.

With anything there are things that we know and things that we do not know.  When it comes to Covid these are the things government claims to know with iron clad certainty.

  • A positive PCR test means you are infected with the Sars COV 2 virus.
  • The Sars COV 2 virus causes a disease called Covid 19.
  • The only effective treatment for Covid 19 is a very expensive and experimental Vaccine
  • The only way to reduce risk prior, during, and after vaccination is to hide in your basement with a mask.

Here is the list of what we actually know about the Sars COV 2 virus.

  • A positive PCR test means you have a strand of RNA that not only is not unique to the virus, may not have anything to do with the virus.
  • There is evidence out of Wuhan China that either the strand of RNA we test for does not belong to the virus or that the virus does not cause the disease.
  • There are several effective and inexpensive treatments for Covid 19, including plain old vitamin D.
  • The Vaccines, which are not technically even vaccines, are experimental and we do not know if they are effective against the virus.
  • Hiding in your basement with a mask effectively insulates you from reality but does not protect you from the virus.

Take a look at those 2 lists.  Once again I am forced to conclude that everything the government says is a lie.  That is the important point driven home by these 2 Videos.  When it comes to Covid you cannot trust anything that the government tells you.

Sir Charles Walker is a Political Unicorn. He is out of Step with the Evil of Modern politics.

I have been very critical of politicians and media since the start of this whole farce.  When Anthony Furey finally pulled his head out of, well you know where, I had to give credit where credit was due.  Now I have found another unicorn, British politician Sir Charles walker.  He is a conservative politician and might be the only voice of sanity in Britain right now.

This video was on Ivor Cummins Twitter page today.  You could go there but it is so good it needs to be repeated in as many places possible.

The best part of this video is when he explains to the moron interviewing him that people die and covid deaths are not somehow more tragic than lockdown deaths.  It is remarkable how clear he is about this, he does not mince words.  Why has not a single Canadian politician stepped forward the way he has?  What is happening is wrong.  It is evil and no Canadian politician will say that.  They are all cowards or evil themselves.  Either way they have no redeeming qualities as human beings.

In 2021 it is Not Even Possible to Define Bizarre.

2020 was a trying year.  It was a year when the average IQ in every western country dropped by at least 10 points.  In 2020 politicians promoted themselves to kings and we watched idly while it happened.  No one was at all concerned that our new royalty had a long history of incompetence prior to their royal ascent.  2020 would have been the least explainable year in history if it were not for 2021.

In 2021 people wearing 2 masks scream at those only wearing one.  The downward spiral of our average IQ has only accelerated.  Governments are tightening covid regulations at a time when covid cases are falling dramatically everywhere.  While we were preoccupied with how many masks to wear no one noticed the pandemic has ended.  Worse yet while we were busy saving the world by closing restaurants, China engineered a coup in the US.  In any other year that would have been quite a big deal, in 2021 no one cared.

If all of this was not enough to convince you that everything you once knew was inverted, in 2021 now we have this.  Vladimir Putin has become the voice of reason and champion of the middle class.  This is his speech at the world Economic Forum.

Putin points out that the economic policies of the west have made billionaires wealthier at the expense of the middle class.  Then he has the gall to point out that corona virus restrictions have only made that worse.  Russia’s policies are based on saving working people, not the planet.  Climate change gets only a passing reference.  Vladimir definitely did not get the memo before he wrote his speech.

Klaus Schwab is likely firing the person who invited Putin today.  12 years have passed since the last time Putin was invited to speak at the World economic forum.  It will be at least that long before he is invited back.

In 2021 leaders in the “Free” world tell us there is no way forward without stripping us of all rights.  Vladimir Putin, a man vilified as the world most dangerous tyrant, speaks about lifting and empowering Russian citizens.  Someday this situation will show up in Jeopardy under “things that could never happen in a sane world”.  Maybe that is why this man wonders if he has gone insane.

It is certainly difficult to wrap your head around just how bizarre 2021 has been so far, and it is only February.  Now to make it worse, as this lady points out, we must deal with super spreaders.


The Road Back To Normal Will Have To Bypass Most Politicians

Once again republican women are at the forefront of dismantling the Covid tyranny gripping the entire western world.  Of course the undisputed champion of common sense and Human rights was South Dakota governor Kristi Noem.  She refused to enforce any covid regulations.  She was vilified by the press but guess what happened.

South Dakota looks exactly like their neighbor to the north.  North Dakota closed and restricted business.  They also mandated masks.  All of this to have exactly the same results as South Dakota that did nothing.  South Dakota even hosted the famous Sturgis motor cycle rally.

Now Iowa republican governor Kim Reynolds has finally seen the light.  On Sunday all covid 1984 restrictions in Iowa will be lifted, including the mask mandate.  See the article below.

Gov. Reynolds lifting all COVID-19 restrictions on Iowa businesses (

In Canada the petty tyrants who hold power are quick to tell us we can never go back to normal.  Restrictions will be left in place even after we are all vaccinated. The thought that we can not go back to normal is just another government lie.  South Dakota never departed from normal and Iowa is going back to normal after vaccinating only 2.5% of the population.

The reality is that very few people need to be vaccinated and unfortunately a large number of them have already died of government incompetence.  Last spring Covid did not have time to run its course before summer arrived.  That meant the virus was still in the epidemic stage at the beginning of this winter.  Countries were hit hard.  The lighter the impact last spring the harder the impact this winter, but it is over now.  All without a Vaccine.

Does this mean that no one will ever die of Covid again?  No it does not.  We still have a few weeks of winter yet and unfortunately more people will die.  Covid will also reappear next fall.  How do I know that?  Because all seasonal viruses behave this way.  When Covid returns next year the impact will be small.  Most people will already be immune.  That is the difference between epidemic and endemic.

There is one Caveat on my prediction of a small impact next year.  Most of the hardship we have endured has not been due to the Sars cov2 virus.  It was due to a different virus named politicians.  If we enter next cold and flu season with these same petty tyrants in charge we will be in for another season of masks and lockdowns.  After all, the tyranny we have faced over the last 12 months has had nothing to do with a virus.  It is up to us to make sure this can not happen again.

Covid did not Kill Politics and Politicians did

A few days ago, I linked a video with a doctor discussing the effectiveness of Vitamin D.  Today a friend sent me this.

Andalucía is a province/State on the southern tip of Spain.  This winter politicians of Andalucía did something truly remarkable; they helped.  Instead of resorting to brutal Tyranny they followed the science.  The Government of Andalucía handed out Vitamin D.  You can see from the plot that they saw an immediate benefit.

Prior to encouraging people to use Vitamin D deaths in Andalucía were rising just as quickly as the UK.  Deaths fell dramatically after the introduction of Vitamin D.  There was data from the Spring that indicated Vitamin D was effective against Covid.  There has never been any evidence that Lockdowns were effective against Covid.  Every government in the world should have avoided lockdowns and opted for effective measures like vitamin D yet none of them did.  Lockdowns clearly serve another purpose that is unrelated to Covid.

Today I also found this paper.

Inhaled budesonide in the treatment of early COVID-19 illness: a randomised controlled trial | medRxiv

Last spring doctors noticed that asthma patients seemed to be unaffected by Covid.  This was very curious.  Intuitively you would expect a respiratory virus to be problematic for Asthma patients.  Yet it was not.  This led doctors to speculate that asthma drugs worked on covid.

A trial was initiated.  73 covid patients were given Budesonide while 73 were given a placebo.  The drugs worked so well the trail was stopped early.  It was not ethical to give the control group a placebo when the results were so good.  The inhaled Budesonide caused a 90% reduction in hospitalization.

This study was only published this week but some doctors have been using asthma drugs to treat Covid for 7 months now.  The media, of course, did not report this.  I also imagine that doctors were reluctant to publicly broadcast their success.  Doctors that were successfully using hydroxychloroquine saw the drug get banned as soon as the politicians found out that it worked.

So far, we have learned that Covid can be successfully treated at very low cost.  Vitamin D, Anti-Parasite drugs, Asthma inhalers, and cancer drugs all work.  Doctors cannot seem to find a drug that does not work against covid 19.  This has got to be the most treatable disease in history so why did so many people die?  Politics and showboating public officials, that is why.

The proper role of a public health official is to make our system as strong as possible.  Dominatrix Deena should have organized teams of researchers to comb through all the available literature.  They should have disseminated this information to doctors and set up trials.  Instead, Deena wasted her time on press conferences and lockdowns.  No press conference or lockdown has ever cured or prevented a single Covid case.

The lack of leadership, scientific understanding, and common sense displayed by politicians and senior health officials is astounding.  If this group of keystone cops is the best we have then we are doomed.  It is hard to believe they could be so incompetent, but the alternative is horrifying.  Imposing lockdowns and ignoring effective treatments is causing unnecessary deaths.  If this is not gross incompetence, then it is evil on an industrial scale.

Time to Call it. It is Over

The media may be reluctant to say this, but I am not.  The epidemic is over.  Feel free to take off your mask and stop screaming at people not wearing 2.  Worldwide covid cases have been dropping for 4 weeks.  Deaths have been falling for 2.  That can be seen in the plots below.

Of course, the Sars Cov 2 virus will not go away it will always be with us.  When a new virus appears, it passes from the epidemic to endemic stage after herd immunity is reached.  Because Covid hit near the end of the last winter season no country reached herd immunity.  That meant that we entered this season still in the epidemic phase.  Anti-body testing in countries like Sweden and India have confirmed this.  Those tests also confirm we are now at or approaching herd immunity.

Covid Vaccines were developed and approved in record time and they are still too late.  We do not need them anymore.  The end of the epidemic is horrible financial news for companies that had dreams of selling billions of vaccine doses.  It is even worse new for politicians who were hoping to ride their dark horse of covid straight into the great reset.  Clearly something needed to be done so now we have this.

The target is now Zero Covid.  This is simply not possible.  Viruses do not go away, and Vaccines are not 100% effective.  Politicians are using this as an excuse to permanently erase our rights.

This report came from Ireland where arguably they reached heard immunity 10 months ago.  The plot below is from Euromomo.

No one in Ireland has died from covid since last spring and in the UK hospitals are empty.  Last January before Covid hit there were over 92,000 people in hospital.  This January with the “UK variant” spreading unchecked there are 77,600 people in hospital.  So, in the middle of a civilization ending pandemic, the UK has 14% fewer people in hospital than normal.  You can find those numbers in this article.

Infections are dropping, deaths are falling, and hospitals are empty.  That sounds like a great reason to keep us locked down forever doesn’t it?  If this does not convince you that the lockdowns have a purpose that is unrelated to the virus nothing will.

The frustrating reality is that even prior to reaching the end of the epidemic we really did not have much of a problem.  Covid was no more deadly than a bad flu and we were aware of effective treatments last spring went it hit.  Unfortunately, those treatments were not popular with politicians who wanted to keep us locked down while they transferred our wealth to billionaires.  Remember this doctor?  She is rightfully pissed.

This doctor was mocked and slandered by the media for daring to recommend hydroxychloroquine.  It is amazing how not all black lives matter.  Black criminals who get killed resisting arrest are very important.  Black doctors trying to help their patients, not so much.

While Canadians are waiting patiently for the Prime Moron to figure out that paying for Vaccines is not the same as receiving vaccines, doctors are finding even more effective treatments.  Doctors in Israel have found cancer drugs that are effective against Covid.

It is time to call an end to this farce.  We do not need lockdowns or Vaccines. It is over.  Save the Vaccines for people who are really at risk and let Doctors treat the rest.  The only thing left to do is root out the evil and corrupt politicians that turned this ridiculously small problem into a cataclysmic event.  That friends will be far more difficult than living with a new virus.

Canada Needs More Columnists Like Anthony Furey

I have been highly critical of the media and their role in creating the problems we face now.  Most journalists have served as nothing more than propagandists for tyrannical governments.  There have been a few exceptions and I have to give credit where credit is due.  Lately Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun has started to question the government’s covid response.  Below is his column from today.

Anthony is a little late to the party.  I discussed Colonel Redman’s assessment of our emergency response months ago.  Better late than never though.  Especially when we are talking about a journalist with national exposure.  I wrote Anthony this letter this morning to try and encourage his curiosity.  If he keeps this up maybe some masked covidiots will sit up and take notice.

Mr. Furey

I was happy to read your column this morning in which you quoted Colonel Redmond.  Finally someone in the main stream media is seeking out actual experts.  To this point in the “pandemic” the media has preferred to quote “experts” whose only expertise is yelling the sky is falling very loudly.

If the media had bothered to seek out real experts, they would have found some very important things.  The following is a list of things known before anyone became ill.

  • Viruses do not go away. There is no reasonable measure that can be taken to prevent infections.  All lock down measures can hope to do is slow the infection.  This is not a cure it just prolongs the epidemic and misery.
  • Ultra violet light destroys viruses. This means outdoor activities are safe.  It also means UV light can be used to sterilize people and packages that enter sensitive areas.
  • Anti-parasite drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are also strong anti-virals. The NIH published a paper in 2005 about how effective hydroxychloroquine was against corona viruses.

Then within the first few weeks of the Pandemic we learned some things specific to Covid 19.

  • Due to cross T cell immunity many people may already be immune. Healthy people were quarantined with infected people on the diamond princess cruise ship.  This was a perfect petri dish for infection yet 83% of people did not get infected.
  • Vitamin D reduces infections and mortality. In New York a disproportionate number of black and brown people got infected and died.  This was true of health care workers and average citizens.  Studies have shown low Vitamin D levels negatively impact immunity.  Recently published studies show people with low vitamin D levels are almost 15 times more likely to die from Covid.
  • Covid 19 is almost exclusively a problem for elderly people in poor health. For people under 70 influenza is a far greater risk than Covid.

All of this information should have made covid 19 easy to handle.  We knew how to protect and treat the most vulnerable people.  We even knew where to find these vulnerable people.  They almost all live in nursing homes.

Covid 19 is so ridiculously easy to handle it should have amounted to nothing more than a speed bump.  Instead politicians threw out all common sense and turned a small problem into an enormous problem.  The financial and societal destruction caused by the government’s irrational response will haunt us for decades to come.

Please continue to question this farce and while you are at it here are some other questions to ask.

  1. There was no science to support anything the government has done, therefore there was no reason to believe that it would work. If they had no reason to believe that it would work, why did they do it?
  2. Why did governments persist in doing the same stupid things long after it could be shown that it was not working?
  3. Why did governments willfully ignore science that said Vitamin D and anti-parasite drugs could help protect seniors?
  4. What happened to skepticism in journalism?
  5. Why were journalists so eager to support the unconstitutional dictates of government?

Please keep up your good work.  We do not need vaccine to solve this problem we just need the truth and common sense.  Canada needs far more journalists like you.

Who Needs a Vaccine When We Already Have Vitamin D?

I came across a good video yesterday of a doctor discussing 2 studies about the effect of Vitamin D levels on Covid 19.  The video is linked at the bottom of my post but I must warn you the good doctor is not a very dynamic speaker.  I found it hard to sit through the video but the studies he discusses are incredibly important.

The first study determined that people with good vitamin D levels are 20 to 30% less likely to contract covid.  Unfortunately, as the good doctor points out, they did not have a high degree of confidence in the results.  The second study was far more interesting.

The second study tried to determine if vitamin D levels affected the severity of the infection.  Results of this study are eye opening.  Patients with good Vitamin D levels were 6 times less likely to need ventilation and nearly 15 times less likely to die.  When it comes to Covid the most effective treatment we have is Vitamin D.

This should not be all that surprising.  Last spring Governor Cuomo went on a demented killing spree.  When he was done most of his victims were Black and Latino even though they make up less than 50% of the population.  This disparity has been recorded all over the United States.  The percent of Black Covid deaths is 2 to 3 times higher than their population percentage.  Black and Brown people living in northern latitudes often become vitamin D deficient in the winter.

We also see this when we compare Italy to Japan.  In Italy 89% of the population is considered vitamin D deficient, while only 11% of Japanese are.   3.5% of covid cases in Italy resulted in death but only 1.5% did in Japan.  Even this comparison is not exactly correct.  The Japanese did very little covid testing.  On a per capital basis Italy did 10 times as much testing as Japan.  The more you test the more cases you find, so the covid cases in Japan are likely way under reported.  That just makes the deaths/case even lower in Japan, which has the oldest population on earth.

The shocking thing about this whole farce is what a small problem covid really was.  Currently in deaths per capita the UK and Sweden are the 5th and 22nd highest in the world which sounds bad until you look at the 2 plots below.

There really wasn’t much out of the ordinary in either country.  2019 was the lowest year on record for both countries leaving a lot of frail people who would have been susceptible to any virus.  2020 was slightly higher than average when compared to the last 10 years but completely average compared to the last 20 years.  In the UK some of those extra deaths were undoubtable caused by the lockdown.  Without a lockdown the UK would have been absolutely normal.

If we did not know how to test for covid, 2020 would be considered just a bad flu year.  The only thing we had to do to make 2020 normal, was give people Vitamin D.  The western world has wasted Billions of dollars on lockdowns, testing, and vaccines.  All we had to do was tell people to go to the drug store, buy some vitamin D and get on with life.  The stupid really does burn.