The Only Thing That is Certain About Covid is That We are not All In This Together

I read an article in the paper yesterday that should have every taxpayer upset.  When the federal and provincial governments issued stay at home orders only essential government workers were allowed to come to work.  Non-essential workers were expected to telecommute.  The government found that 39% of all employees were both non-essential and unable to work from home.  So 39% of government workers have been paid to stay at home and not work.

39% of government has not worked for months.  Did you notice?  This does not represent 100% of the non-essential workers just the ones who can’t work from home.  How can such a large percentage of government be non-essential?  If their activities are no essential why do those jobs exist?  Don’t elected representatives have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers?  Obviously not.

To make things worse our governments have very strange ideas of who is and is not essential.  The health inspector in this story is somehow essential.

Why is it essential to rap on someone’s window and beg them to open so that they can be fined for opening?  People who lie to us in order to fine us are essential.  In government Lying is a very valuable skill set.  Taxpayers have paid the salaries of people who have lied about how

  • infectious the virus is
  • deadly the virus is
  • herd immunity is not possible
  • effective masks and lock downs are
  • Vaccines are the only option
  • experimental gene therapy is somehow a Vaccine

In the last 11 months the list of lies the government has told is virtually endless but there is one lie that is more egregious and divisive than all the others.

No one in government has lost a paycheck.  Many in government have enjoyed extended taxpayer funded vacations.  Politicians have illegally assumed powers they were never intended to have.  Billionaires have become wealthier.  The Pandemic has been highly beneficial to everyone in this group.  The Pandemic has been catastrophic for small business owners and service industry workers.

Generally service industry jobs are not high wage jobs.  These workers are at the bottom of the economic ladder.  The government forced unemployment on people who could least afford it.  They did this with the support of wealthier Canadians.  Wealthy Canadians could have taken responsibility for their own health.  Instead they demanded government force unemployment on people less fortunate than them.  The people at the top decided the people at the bottom are expendable.

Canadians like to think that they are compassionate.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Asking others to pay the price for your safety is incredibly selfish.  Do you think the unemployed feel solidarity with Canadians that forced it on them?  The biggest lie that the government may have ever told is that we are all in this together.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    I am only 36 years old and it seems like the foundation of society has deteriorated so much. The older generation said it changed a lot by my generation. Hard work, honesty, the family unit, personal responsibility, freedoms, and striving for a better life for your children are no longer top priorities. People only care about themselves and I feel we all have to watch and also suffer the consequences of that in our society. I was a county worker in college then a teacher so I saw first hand the government system at work. Finally had to quit. Maybe I am as much to blame because I didn’t fight harder against problems that I saw, it just seemed insurmountable. It just seems like it must all collapse on itself for us to learn our lessons. That transition can be a scary time. Society can go back to freedom or through a long bout of Tyranny.

    Richard you really hit the nail on the head and I know your information is spreading to more and more people. Keep it up!!

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