Just say no to government

While the world is focused on the incredible stupidity coming out of COP28 the media is quietly changing the Ukraine war narrative.  NATO is finally acknowledging that they are losing their proxy war with Russia.

Amid growing concerns about Ukraine’s ability to continue the fight against the much larger Russian military and failures to recapture any meaningful amount of territory from Moscow’s army, there are growing whispers in the halls of power in the West about the ex-Soviet state’s prospects in battling back its former master.

The Ukraine summer offensive failed.  Ukraine threw men and equipment against a well-fortified Russian military in a plan that was destined for failure.  Ukraine is once again out of money and Joe Biden is promising another 60 Billion.  The next 60 billion will have even less affect than the previous 100 billion because Ukraine is now also out of men.  All the young men in Ukraine have already been killed, wounded, or have fled the country.  Ukraine is now conscripting men nearing retirement age.

That is what we have accomplished in the Ukraine.  We wiped out an entire generation of young men who should be working and raising families.  The next 60 Billion will likely be the last.  It is the last chance for kickbacks and theft.  The clock is running out on Zelenski and the knives are coming out.

That’s led to political infighting in Kyiv as officials search for ways to outlast Russia during a long war in which Moscow has more men, more weapons and a bigger economy.

The Ukrainians know two things.  They cannot win this war and they cannot end the war as long as Zelenski clings to power.  Rumors are that the US has offered Zelenski citizenship to get him out of the Ukraine.  He will take the money he stole with him and live a life of luxury in Miami while his country is in shambles.  We helped him do this with our money.

Next time the government tells you that we must act now, realize what this means.  Your money will be taken and people will die unnecessarily.  Remember this when COP28 ends with agreements where all the governments agree that we must act now.  No we don’t; the only thing we must do is remove these lunatics who put their finances and ideology above human life.