Why Canada can’t have nice things

A study has published showing Canadians continue to get poorer.

Another study confirms this. The standard of living of Canadians is in constant decline. The situation is even worse than before the pandemic.

The standard of living in Canada has been declining since the election of Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau is an idiot who has no idea what he is doing.  He could have been less destructive if he had at least surrounded himself with smart people but like all narcissists Trudeau will never allow anyone to outshine him.  So instead of filling his cabinet with smart people Trudeau chose those who were equally stupid as he is.

One of Trudeau’s least intelligent cabinet ministers, and therefore one of the least intelligent Canadians of all time, is Environment minister Steven Guilbeault.  Guibeault is currently in Dubai doing what he does best; saying incredibly stupid things on camera.


There is no such thing as a zero emission car because every car takes energy to build and every windmill is backed up by a natural gas generator.  Guilbeault does not know this because he does not know anything.  His idiotic policies are damaging to the Canadian economy but neither he nor his boss care.  They serve only the globalists who reward them with undeserved attention.

Trudeau and Guilbeault don’t care what their announcements do to Canada. They don’t care that Canada has lost an estimated $250 billion in energy investments since they came to power.

Just so long as the world’s eco-cultists fawn all over them.

Justin Trudeau has assembled the least intelligent most incompetent Cabinet in the world.  Canadians continue to grow poorer as long as Trudeau clings to power.  Canadians have no one to blame for this sorry state of affairs except themselves.  For some reason Canadians can’t see what is plainly obvious to the rest of the world.  Justin Trudeau is destroying what used to be one of the best countries in the world.


We need a do over with completely new rules that will not allow the cancerous growth of government that is driving us in to poverty.  Changing the leader and sticking with this corrupt dysfunctional system will change nothing.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    No new cars that are not zero emissions after 2035? That means that by 2055, 95% of vehicles will be over 20 years old. That sound exactly like Cuba, Trudeau’s Dad’s paradise. What is it about Socialist psychopaths that makes them hate the world and want to create a living hell for everyone? Maybe it’s a deep seated anger at having been born so stupid and they are going to take it out on everyone else. But what is wrong with 60% of Canadians that support and elect these sickos? What has made most people so self destructive? Is it something in the water? The food? The air? The pharmaceuticals that so many people take? Most people didn’t used to be mendacious masochistic morons. What changed?

  2. Derek
    Derek says:

    The final two sentences are exactly right. We are at war with a vicious establishment that seeks to dominate and control us. Vote populist.

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