Truth does not need to be suppressed when people don’t want it

Just yesterday I linked an incredible video from New Zealand about COVID vaccine deaths.  Today those New Zealand whistle blowers are facing the ire of the government.  Their homes have been raided by police as the start of a government intimidation program.


I am not surprised that the government reacted so quickly with such an overt show of force.  Vaccine injuries are something no government wants to discuss.  The New Zealand government was forced to react harshly to intimidate the whistle blowers.  In uber-compliant Canada the government has no such problem.  Canadians are quite content ignoring the mound of bodies at the government’s feet.

A newly released government report shows that deaths from both COVID-19 and “unspecified causes” surged following the release of the so-called “safe and effective” vaccines.

“These numbers should be front-page news,” Bernier said. “We were bombarded daily with data about deaths during three years. But the lying media are completely ignoring it.”  

Canada is an easy country for politicians to commit crimes in because Canadians are generally disinterested in the truth.  Canadians accept that the COVID vaccines saved lives even though fewer people were dying before the COVID vaccines arrived to save everyone.

Most western countries forced their citizens to be vaccinated.  Vaccinations were presented as the only way to end the pandemic.  It is strange then that the pandemic has not ended in any of those countries.  Instead they are all experiencing odd off season increases in deaths.

Most Canadians would be shocked to discover that pre-vaccines the COVID impact was quite small.  COVID was comparable to a bad flu season.  Unusual numbers of excess deaths did not occur until after vaccinations began.

The average number of deaths over the baseline for the 9 winters prior to COVID is 25,444 deaths per year.  During the peak of the pandemic 35,580 died (above summer baseline) so we can say COVID killed an additional 10,136 people.  In the 2 years since the government blundered in to save us with an untested treatment, 38,632 additional Canadians died.

I wrote that almost 1 year ago.  1 year ago the data was clear that the government with their COVID policies had already killed far more people than the virus.  How much longer will Canadians continue to ignore murder?

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