Profiteers denying the undeniable

An amazing video has been released in New Zealand.  The data base administrator responsible for recording COVID vaccine payments decided to cross reference the ID of jabbed people, the batch that was used, and death records.  Once again we find that not all batches were the same.  Some batches were incredibly dangerous.  One batch has a 20% mortality rate.


I was even more shocked about the number of deaths some vaccinators were responsible for.  Could you imagine if you were hired to vaccinate people and you were sent one of the bad batches?  You would have to live with the fact that you killed one hundred or more people.

People have died from these treatments.  The proof is undeniable yet that is still what some politicians are doing.  When Andrew Bridgen Tried to get the UK Health secretary to acknowledge vaccine deaths she just stuck to the standard lie that vaccines save lives.


If vaccines really did save lives they would not correlate to increased excess deaths.  There is not a single place in the world that saw a decrease in excess deaths after the jabs.  Every place without exception saw an increase in excess deaths after the jabs.  The jabs are obviously dangerous yet politicians who make money from them continue to deny the obvious.

This crime continues because criminals (politicians) continue to make money from them.  It was never about a virus or your safety.  It was always about the personal financial gain of the decision makers.  People are dying for profit and we are not doing a damn thing about it.