COVID jabs put everyone at risk

Last week I took a short flight for work.  I have taken dozens of both short and long flights for work over the decades and have never given it much thought.  I have never been a nervous flier but I must admit lately doubt is creeping in.  It is not that I am getting cautious as I get older.  It is simply because I know all the Pilots have been vaccinated.

A US military whistleblower has come forward with alarming heart health statistics for vaccinated military pilots.

Compared to the five-year average prior to 2022, the statistics exposed by Lieutenant Macie expose disturbing spikes in several conditions, such as:

  • Hypertensive disease – 36% increase

  • Ischemic heart disease – 69% increase

  • Pulmonary heart disease – 62% increase

  • Heart failure – 973% increase

  • Other forms of heart disease – 63% increase

  • Cardiomyopathy – 152% increase

And, of course, this is not limited to the military.  Civilian pilots are also subject to vaccine mandates which have led to an unprecedented rise in air incidents.

Cpt Murdock thinks lack of action can have only one result, and bear in mind we have seen many planes make emergency landings because of pilot incapacitations. He is unequivocal and said: ‘Disasters will occur and both aircrew and the traveling public will die unnecessarily.’

Everyone including the pilots knows what is causing this.  Sooner or later this will lead to a significant tragedy especially since pilots are reluctant to report incidents that might force them to give up their licenses.

“When correlated, the data indicate there is an enormous problem that is having, and will have, a significant impact on aviation safety worldwide,” said Murdock.

“There is enough evidence to be sending out red flags.”

Recent studies indicate that pilots have been reluctant to report health concerns if they feel their job is threatened.

“They are not reporting brain fog, heart flutters, and dizzy spells because they don’t want to lose their jobs,” said Murdock.

Being a pilot is a high stress and high risk, job.  Pilots must be in peak physical condition to handle such a demanding job.  Sadly many are no longer in peak physical condition and may never be again.  The cold hard truth is that the only way to stay safe is to stay unvaccinated.


For many people that ship has already sailed.  Their health is already at risk.  This should have never happened.  The vaccine mandates are the greatest crime in history.  Don’t let them get away with it.