The whole damn thing was done for profit

For more than a year now more and more damning evidence of COVID vaccine harms have been documented.  Several prominent people have also come forward to demand that the mRNA COVID vaccination be banned.  Unfortunately none of these people have the authority to implement a ban.  The people with the authority largely are still making too much money from big pharma to ban such a financially lucrative product.  Thankfully that is about to change.

The new Prime Minister of Slovakia has come out strongly against the Jabs.  He has also promised something I have been calling for since the beginning.  A financial investigation into COVID profiteering.


If this happens it will be really good news.  Not a single COVID mitigation measure makes any sense unless there was some sort of financial incentive involved.  There is no way any sane person could believe selective business closures and masks would have had any noticeable effect on the spread of an airborne virus.  The same can be said about the vaccine mandates.  There is no rational reason to force healthy people to take an experimental treatment for a highly survivable virus.  Decision makers were making money off the lockdowns and vaccines; of that you can be certain.

A small number of psychopaths supported by an army of useful idiots have caused immeasurable harm.  This must be investigated.  So far we have seen nothing but a cover-up.

Access-to-information documents reveal that Health Canada-authorized COVID-19 vaccines are correlated with a lot more fatalities than officially registered.

They noted that Pfizer was the most frequently mentioned manufacturer followed by AstraZeneca and Moderna.

The fact that governments have been concealing documents is proof that they know what they have done is harmful.  The bastards, whose salaries we pay, know what they did is wrong, they know people have died, and they are just hoping we never find out.  Maybe the investigation in Slovakia will change all of that.