When we finally try the COVID criminals, I will enjoy a large cup of coffee

I have mentioned many times on this blog that COVID must be the most treatable disease in history.  Every day that goes by researchers find something new that can be used to help treat it.  Now we find even coffee reduces risk by 10%.

They found that drinking one or more cups of coffee per day was related to an approximately 10% lower risk of COVID-19

The list of things that help with COVID is very long but one thing that has failed to make the list, even after almost 3 years of evidence, is the COVID vaccine.  Pfizer and Moderna have been continuously outperformed by Starbucks.

This latest news would be comical if the vaccines were simply a failure.  Sadly that is not the case.  While there is zero evidence that the jabs have been beneficial, the evidence that they are harmful is overwhelming.  Excess deaths in people under 45 are still running well above normal with a surprising number of them succumbing to cancer.  The numbers are so high that they can be seen in easily available government data.

Teenagers and young people in their 20s, 30s and 40s in the U.K. are dying from rapidly metastasizing and terminal cancers at an unprecedented rate since mass COVID-19 vaccination began, according to a new analysis by Edward Dowd.

Dowd based his analysis on readily available government statistics from the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics.

Up until now most governments have been ignoring their own data but that might finally be changing.  There are reports that Iceland may ban the jabs.

As excess deaths, strokes, blood clots, sudden cardiac arrests, and other “unexplained” health issues continue to soar around the world, the government of Iceland has taken decisive action and banned Covid mRNA shots from the island nation.

This should have happened long ago.  I was able to show with Israelis data more than 2 years ago that the Jabs would kill more young people than they could possibly have saved from COVID had they worked.  But they did not work.  We got all the jab injuries and deaths without preventing a single COVID death.

Hopefully more countries will follow Iceland’s lead and ban the jabs.  Even if they do it is too late for many.  The COVID vaccine programs are already the greatest crime in history.  Governments forced people to take an experimental treatment for a virus that responds to coffee.  Some are still pushing the dangerous concoction.  Banning is not enough.  We need murder trials.