Globalism benefits only the elite

Moderna recently shut down their mRNA Epstein-Barr vaccine trails.

The pharmaceutical company was conducting clinical trials for its new Epstein-Barr virus vaccine for children.

The vaccine, which launched in early 2022, uses the same mRNA technology as used in Moderna’s Covid shots.

One of the workers said the trial was halted due to an issue with one of the child participants suffering damage to their heart.

Not wanting to injure or kill children is a radical policy change for Moderna.  Their previous policy with respect to mRNA injuries was to hunt down and silence anyone upset that Moderna had killed their loved one.  Frankly I am surprised by this change.  Apparently Moderna did not get the memo.  In this new globalist economy Customer safety is no longer a thing.  Neither is producing a product that anyone wants.  The key to success in our new globalist economy is to bribe officials who can force everyone to buy your product and then sue anyone who steps out of line.

Globalism is the new name for feudalism.  It works very well for the people at the top but not very well for anyone else.