If only the Government would stop Helping

What killed more Canadians, the SARS COV-2 virus or the government?

Before you answer that question I have a few graphs for you to consider.  This morning I revisited the StatsCan website and updated my file for deaths by all causes in Canada.  The Canadian government is not good at anything and the Trudeau liberals are the least competent government in history so the numbers are only up to date for June of last year.  Even without the most current data what I found was eye opening to say the least.  The plot below is the raw data showing weekly deaths for nearly 13 years.

You can see that the weekly deaths oscillate up and down every year.  Contrary to what the climate zealots tell you cold weather is more deadly than warm weather.  The peaks occur in the winter and the troughs in the summer.  The winter is extremely variable depending on how bad influenzas might be that year but the summers are very consistent.  It is very easy to draw a base line across the summers until the summer of 2020.

The rising baseline indicates that more Canadians die each year.  There are 3 reasons for that

  1. We have more people every year.
  2. The population is aging, every year a greater percentage of the population is older than 65.
  3. Our health care system has been slowly failing for more than a decade.

Point number 3 might seem harsh but there are other countries like Sweden were the population is also aging but in Sweden total deaths per population are declining not increasing as in Canada.

The nice consistent summer baseline makes it easy to flatten the curve so we can compare the winter peaks more easily.  When I flatten the curve this is what I get.

When you flatten the curve the COVID peak doesn’t really look that bad does it?  There was nothing unusual about the winter of 2019/20 it was a bad flu year but the deaths were not abnormally high.  I can’t say that about last winter.  The 2021/22 winter was abnormally high.  What happened?  I thought vaccines saved everyone and no vaccinated person would ever die again.

So back to the central question; which killed more the virus or the politicians?  I think from the plot above you can see where I am going with this but if you are still not sure I have one more plot to show you.  Because winter is the real wild card the proper way to look at deaths is not to look at January to December when you get ½ of 2 potentially very different winters.  The proper way is to look at July to June.  When I do that and just consider total number of deaths above the summer base line this is what I get.

Remember this is not total deaths just deaths above the summer baseline.  Viewed this way COVID (2019/20) was worse than any of the previous years but not by much.  Had we not vaccinated anyone we really would not have had much of a problem.  But we did vaccinate everyone and the results were disastrous.  By the end of the 2020/21 winter about 14% of Canadians were vaccinated.  Nearly 5 thousand more people died than in 2019/20 when no one was vaccinated.  By the end of the 2021/22 winter 85% were vaccinated and we had 14 thousand more deaths than the peak of the pandemic.

So do you have an answer now?  Which killed more the virus or the government?  Wait, don’t answer yet I have one more way for you to look at this.  The average number of deaths over the baseline for the 9 winters prior to COVID is 25,444 deaths per year.  During the peak of the pandemic 35,580 died (above summer baseline) so we can say COVID killed an additional 10,136 people.  In the 2 years since the government blundered in to save us with an untested treatment, 38,632 additional Canadians died.

I think by now everyone has an answer to the question.  Government is the clear winner.  Once again we find there is nothing on earth more dangerous than a politician; especially a liberal one with a university education.  By the math above our Prime Minister and the 13 premiers managed to kill nearly 4 Canadians for every Canadian who succumbed to the virus.  That is an astonishing 2,760 murders each and they are not done yet.

I hope things are not as bad this winter but I doubt it.  Right now Europe is experiencing an unprecedented peak.  There is no reason to believe that is not also happening in Canada.  The odds are very good that the 2022/23 peak will be even higher.  With that in mind, I have one last question for today.  What is the proper punishment for continuing to kill even after committing 2,760 murders?