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With his latest article Sean Boynton of global news just nominated himself as COVIDIOT of the week.  Sean thought it would be a good idea to remind us how dangerous COVID is now that the death toll has hit 50,000 Canadians.  To be fair to Sean 50,000 is the official number of COVID deaths in Canada but believing this number makes Sean gullible or stupid.  The official total comes from the government and as always the government is lying.

Just yesterday I showed again that 2020 was not an unusual year.  When adjusted for the rising baseline only 3,000 more Canadians died in the 2019/2020 season than died in the last highest flu season of 2017/18.  That is 3 thousand people out of a population of 38.4 million or 0.008%.  When no more people died than what can be considered normal, did COVID really kill anyone?

Abnormally high numbers of Canadians did not start dying until after the vaccine rollouts.  This is even true of COVID.  70% of COVID deaths happened after we deployed a treatment that suppresses immune function increasing the likelihood of infection.  Sadly, these people still did not need to die.  Months before the vaccines arrived early treatment options for COVID already existed.  There were 3 different protocols boasting 85-100% effectiveness.  Unfortunately Justin Trudeau banned early treatment options because he valued personal financial gain over Canadian lives.  So even those who died of COVID did not die of COVID; they died of medical neglect.

It is true that a large number of Canadians are dying right now.  This phenomenon is also not unique to Canada.  Every country that enacted draconian vaccination policies is experiencing high mortality.  This is a conundrum for Canadian Journalists like Sean Boynton who gets paid to carry water for the government.  How do you distract people from the mound of dead bodies?  Like many Journalists Sean is not very bright or imaginative so he chose to continue beating the COVID drum.  His only wrinkle is to blame all the obviously not COVID deaths on indirect pandemic results.

The World Health Organization said in May that, while the official worldwide death toll from COVID-19 at the time was about 6.2 million, an estimated 14.9 million deaths were “directly or indirectly” related to the pandemic.

 The estimate, based on excess mortality compared to pre-pandemic years, included indirect deaths caused by impacts the pandemic had on the overall health-care systems and social services around the world.

The choice of wording is a lie.  All the extra deaths are not an indirect result of the pandemic.  You can draw a very straight line between the scamdemic and the vaccines.  The only thing in the middle is the government.

Medical historians will look back at this period of rampant stupidity and conclude very few people died of COVID.  The vast majority died from medical neglect and the vaccines.  Put more succinctly most people were murdered by their government.  Yesterday I asked what should be the proper punishment for politicians who kill thousands.  That brings me to today’s question.  What is the proper punishment for a journalist who helps conceal the crimes?

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