Trudeau’s final card is to eliminate legitimate elections

Justin Trudeau is a horrible human being.  When he is not doing things that are morally and ethically wrong, he is breaking laws outright.  He broke the law by illegally invoking the emergencies measures act.  I did not need a judge to tell me that but now one has done it anyway.  Now that a judge has ruled the invocation of that act and everything that happened in its wake was illegal there are calls for Justin Trudeau to resign.

The people who think Justin will do the honorable thing really have not been paying attention.  When has Justin Trudeau ever done the honorable thing?  It is simply not in his DNA.  I knew Justin would never resign but I did think the party would force him out.  There is simply no way Justin can win an honest election at this point.  But Justin is not leaving.  He has other plans that do not include honest elections.

Justin and his bed/soulmate Jagmeet are planning to eliminate free and fair elections in Canada by reforming our election laws.  The excuse is that they are making elections more accessible but of course that is a lie.  Canadian elections have never suffered from inaccessibility for the most part they run smoothly.  Justin is simply changing the laws to make it easier to cheat.  His cheating blueprint has 3 crucial steps.

  • Allowing an “expanded” three-day voting period during general elections;

  •  Allowing voters to cast their ballots at any polling place within their riding; and

  •  Improving the mail-in ballot process with both accessibility and maintaining integrity in mind.

Steps 1 and 3 go hand in hand.  Mail in ballots opens the door for thousands if not millions of fake ballots.  Once it hits the mailbox it is impossible to prove who filled it out.  This step alone is probably enough to guarantee a win for Justin, but he is taking no chances.  That is where the extra 2 days comes in.  In the past Canada has never needed more than 1 day to complete an election and we don’t need more now.  The purpose of the last 2 days is to give Justin time to figure out and then create the right number of fake mail-in ballots to win targeted ridings.

Step 2 is to create chaos and opportunities for liberal supporters to vote more than once.  Currently in Canada you are assigned a polling station based on what neighborhood you live in.  The reason for this is the people at the polls have a list with your name on it.  When you show up to vote and produce ID your name is struck off the list so that you can not vote again.  If you can go to any polling station you could go to all of them and vote multiple times unless the list is kept electronically.  Once it is electronic it can be tampered with, or the communications can be shut down to create chaos.

Canadians need to pull their heads out of the moist dark place it normally resides in.  This is a recipe for a permanent liberal dictatorship.  Justin Trudeau won’t resign.  He will be Prime Minister until he dies of old age, at which time his son will take over.  We cannot let this stand.  COVID should have taught you that governments will never do anything for your benefit.  If they want to change a process that already works you can be sure it is to their benefit.