The more the government has the less you have

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Lord Acton.

A new paper has been published by some prominent vaccine critics.  The paper examined adverse events.  I confess I did not read the paper just the conclusions and I found this statement to be of particular interest.

Many key trial findings were either misreported or omitted entirely from published reports. The usual safety testing protocols and toxicology requirements were bypassed by the FDA and vaccine manufacturers

The regulating agencies ignored key trial findings and bypassed normal safety protocols.  Why did this happen?  How come the agencies that purportedly protect the public abandoned public safety?  Before I answer those questions, we need to also consider that this was not an isolated event.  Every regulator in the world is guilty of ignoring inconvenient trial data and they all continued to ignore adverse events for 3 years.  They even went so far as to downplay rather serious problems.

Officials became aware that the injections were causing potentially deadly myocarditis but CDC officials chose not to alert the public.

The regulating agencies abandoned their responsibility of protecting the public for 2 reasons; we let them, and they are corrupt.  The regulating agencies have absolute power over which medical treatments are approved and which are not.  Is it any wonder that this absolute power led to corruption?  Corrupt bureaucrats failed us.  They continue to fail us because the governments they work for are also corrupt.

Over the decades we have allowed governments to assume more and more power.  This led inevitably to more and more corruption.  Modern politicians become very wealthy. The leaders of the 2 largest parties in Canada have seen their net worth balloon yet neither man has ever done an honest day’s work in their life.  One has always been a politician, the other bounced from one part time job to another living off his inheritance and name until entering politics where his name was far more valuable.

No government leads to anarchy.  Any level of government leads to corruption.  The only way to limit corruption is to limit the government size and scope to only what is necessary to avoid anarchy.  Then, change it frequently.  Government is not your friend.  COVID should have taught you that.  We failed to keep the government on a short enough leash, and we lost freedom we need to claim back.  This won’t be easy.  It might not even be possible, and it was our fault.