Matters of the Heart

I saw this article a couple weeks ago.  It seems ERs in the US are filling up with patients displaying symptoms of a new disease.

Miami Hospital Rooms Are Seeing New Disease That Affects All Ages, Displays “All flu symptoms & swelling in their legs, water in their lungs, fluid in their heart, etc”

Unlike COVID it seems doctors and politicians are very reluctant to discuss this new disease.  The whole thing has been kept quiet with no multimillion dollar marketing campaign like the one that accompanied COVID.  That is a little odd don’t you think?  It is an election year in the US.  4 years ago a new disease was a great excuse for mail in ballots.  Why isn’t this new disease a reason for expanding mail in ballots again?

I suspect that the answer is that this new disease is not at all new.  When I read this article the list of symptoms was more than vaguely familiar.  My mother died of congestive heart Failure and she displayed almost every symptom on this list.  Below is how Yale University describes congestive heart failure.

If you’ve been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, the feeling of your chest constricting can be scary. With congestive heart failure, the heart’s capacity to pump blood cannot keep up with the body’s need. As the heart weakens, blood begins to back up and force liquid through the capillary walls. The term “congestive” refers to the resulting buildup of fluid in the ankles and feet, arms, lungs, and/or other organs.

Politicians have not jumped on this new mystery illness to enforce lockdowns and election fraud because they really don’t want to talk about what is causing it.  This is not from an engineered virus that can be blamed on bat soup for 3 years.  This is from an engineered vaccine that is known to cause heart damage.  Sometime it kills quickly and other times it kills slowly.

A 39-year-old mother-of-three has dropped dead in front of her family in the middle of giving a eulogy at her father-in-law’s funeral.

Heart Damage from the COVID jabs is far more prevalent than anyone wants to admit.  Mandating the Jabs has already erased 6 decades of progress in heart disease in the UK.

Early heart deaths had tumbled since the 60s thanks to plummeting smoking rates, advanced surgical techniques, and breakthroughs such as stents and statins.

But six decades of progress have been reversed in recent years.

And now, ERs are filling up with people displaying all the symptoms of congestive heart failure.  Predictable these obvious symptoms of heart damage have doctors baffled.  There is nothing baffling about this.  In fact we could have predicted it as I did one year ago.

Intuitively I believe if people stop taking boosters things could get better, at least they will stop getting worse.  Unfortunately while things could improve I think the COVID Jabs will continue to kill people long after we stop taking them.  Some of the vaccine injuries are permanent and will ultimately shorten lives.

It really is time to stop denying the obvious.