Risking lives to save the planet from an imaginary crisis

I just got back from a vacation in Sunny Mexico.  Our timing could not have been better.  We left on the coldest day of the winter so far and got back as the cold snap was ending.  While we were away enjoying hot weather people in western Canada were dealing with potentially life threatening power shortages.

Alberta has no shortage of energy.  There is more coal, natural gas, and oil than Alberta needs for hundreds of years.  So how could a province with an abundance of energy possibly run short of electricity?  The answer is that Alberta does not just have a near inexhaustible supply of energy.  Alberta also has an overabundance of stupid politicians; really stupid, bordering on brain dead politicians.

The cold snap became serious after the power grid in the province of Alberta neared collapse due to inadequate production from renewable sources such as solar and wind. 

And, while Albertans were facing the high probability of blackouts in temperatures that dropped below -50C (-58 F) in some locations, Canada’s deputy Prime Minister was in Davos promising to put even more Canadians at risk.


Unfortunately for Canadians brain dead politicians are not exclusively an Alberta problem.  The National capital, Ottawa, is positively overflowing with them.

20 years ago Alberta had a stable grid with very low electrical costs.  Now thanks to the brain dead politicians Alberta has very expensive unreliable power.  This was the result of stupid people demonizing CO2 while believing energy was a luxury that we should only enjoy when the wind blows and sun shines.  These people believe they are saving the planet by putting human lives at risk.  This needs to stop before people start dying.  Climate change is not an emergency but power outages in winter are.  Climate science is so fraudulent it should not even be called science.