There is nothing worth saving

It appears that the Trudeau Liberals have stolen another 400 million while they were busy defending democracy.

According to a report by the Canadian Press, the Department of Defence says Canada paid the U.S. government $406 million for the system last March and the U.S. government signed a contract with arms maker Raytheon to get it built.

Another company, Kongsberg, also involved in building the surface-to-air system, says it has no contract with either the U.S. or Canada for the system.

So we signed a contract and sent the money but Raytheon has not engaged any of their subcontractors to start building the missiles.  I guess this means the Ukraine war has entered a new phase.  Previously money had to at least get to the Ukraine before it is laundered or stolen.  Now that step is no longer necessary.  We can support the Ukraine war effort by stealing the money directly.

This has become a routine occurrence in Canada under Justin Trudeau.  We have some dire emergency that demands Trudeau commit taxpayer money.  Then if someone bothers to look we can’t find either the money or what it was supposed to have bought.  It is unfortunate that most of the time no one bothers to look.

Governments in Canada are just giant criminal organizations.  They get away with it because Canadians are apathetic and because the media assists them.  Canada is full of “journalists” who understand the game.  Turn a blind eye or even actively support the government and you will be rewarded later.  That is how a convicted terrorist got elected as mayor of Canada’s 5th largest city.


The capital city of the wealthiest province in Canada is controlled by a terrorist who thinks like a parasite.  The “journalist” who helped it happen was rewarded by Justin Trudeau with a government job and pension.  You cannot fix Canada we need to burn it all down (metaphorically speaking) and start over.  The only condition on the new governments should be that no one involved in the old government or media is allowed to take part.  They have done enough damage already.