What is best for Government is rarely what is best for you

The COVID jabs are the deadliest “vaccine” in history.  They have already killed a shockingly high number of people and in some ways those people were the lucky ones.  Other people were maimed and have had their whole lives ruined.


This has been known for a long time.  Within weeks The VAERS system already showed more adverse reactions than all other vaccines combined.  We should have stopped long ago yet we did not.  In fact left wing governments are ramping up efforts to force them upon us.  Brazil has introduced a law that will make refusing a vaccination a criminal offence with harsh penalties including imprisonment.


This is of course insane.  You can go to prison for refusing a deadly treatment that makes you more likely to get COVID multiple times.

The study showed that people who took at least three Covid mRNA injections were up to three times more likely to have recurrent COVID-19 infections than unvaccinated individuals.

There is only one possible explanation as to why these deadly treatments are being forced on people; money must be changing hands.  You will be imprisoned if you interfere with politicians financial interests.

When the lockdowns were announced I told anyone who would listen that if we let them do it they will do it again.  Sadly very few people wanted to listen and I was treated as somewhat of a pariah.  We went through multiple ineffective lockdowns and now we are faced with prison over toxic treatments that only make the problem worse.  With government everything goes to the worst place that we allow.  So the question is, are we going to roll over again and allow this?