Running and hiding only works for so long

Just yesterday I posted about how governments are trying to deal with the mountain of bad COVID Jab data.  Canada is trying to spin jab injuries as unfortunately quality control accidents while Germany is relying on kidnapping COVID dissidents.  The United States meanwhile is going to stick with information suppression for now.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received results from two studies of subclinical heart inflammation following Moderna COVID-19 vaccination, but is refusing to release them to the public

The fact that the FDA will not release safety details about a product they approved pretty much tells you what is in this report.  If it could be used to justify the emergency use authorization every detail in the report would have been released.  Incredibly these reports were done by the guilty parties.  Pfizer and Moderna had their opportunity to spin the data and apparently even they could not lie enough to make their products look good.

Eventually these reports will be released.  I have no doubt that the release will be timed to coincide with a terrorist attack or bombing so that it will be lost in the noise.  The implication is of course that the FDA is now working with other agencies to plan such an attack.  If you can’t ignore it bury it as deeply as possible.

Ignoring all the Jab victims has worked up until now and there are countries still taking that approach.  Yesterday in London Andrew Bridgen gave another speech on excess deaths to an empty house.

Bridgen has been trying to get the British parliament to acknowledge and investigate excess deaths from the Jabs for months.  Almost every British MP finds something else more pressing than dead constituents every time Bridgen speaks.  This tactic is bound to fail.  What the camera does not show is that while the party benches were empty the public gallery was full.  British politicians may continue to ignore jab injuries but the public is no longer willing to.

In many countries politicians are starting to feel the heat.  They do not want to face questions about why they mandated a product that killed people.  Or why the people with financial interests were part of the decision making process.


The dirty little secret about COVID was that all of this was done for profit.  Don’t let them keep that secret any longer.  And, for goodness sake don’t let them keep the money or their freedom.  Let’s turn back the clocks to the pre-COVID era when we jailed mass murderers.