Punishing Pfizer’s minions

For more than 2 years Governments have successfully ignored COVID vaccine injuries but that is becoming increasingly difficult.  Too many people have been injured and some of those unfortunate soles have discovered that their injuries are permanent.


As Dr. Drew points out Pfizer did not commit this crime on their own.  They had a lot of help.  Help that does not have the legal protection Pfizer was granted.

Pfizer can’t be sued but everyone else involved in this crime can be.  Every doctor and nurse that administered the jabs without informed consent is at risk.  The same goes for media outlets that constantly exaggerated the risk of COVID and the effectiveness of the vaccines.

We do seem to finally be at an inflection point.  The guilty parties know it and are worried of legal ramifications.  The whole argument that the benefit outweighs the risks can no longer be supported.  Something I have been pointing out since the spring of 2021 when the Vaccines were being pushed on low risk groups.  There is no way to justify the jab mandates.  Governments need to find a way to spin this before lynch mobs form.  The Canadian government has chosen to blame quality control.

Health Canada has confirmed the presence of a Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA sequence in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, which the manufacturer had not previously disclosed. There is debate among scientists with regards to the significance of the finding, with some saying it has the potential to cause cancer, and others saying it poses little to no threat.

This information is not new.  I have discussed it before in previous posts.  It was largely ignored until Politicians decided it is a possible way to absolve them of responsibility.  The Jab injuries were simply not their fault.  How can they be expected to enforce quality control on products manufactured in foreign countries?  I doubt this is going to sit well with Canadians.  At least a few won’t accept this as an excuse for mass murder.

While the Canadian government is trying to spin this as an unfortunate circumstance beyond their control, the German government is taking a more aggressive stance.  They are kidnapping people who speak out.

The charges against Fuellmich remain unclear at this point, but he was reportedly lured into the German embassy in Mexico, where he was kidnapped. What are his charges? It was not an arrest as he has not committed a crime. He was led to believe that he was exchanging his passport at the embassy when he was taken away.

All of this smacks of desperation.  The deep thinkers in government did not have the foresight Pfizer did.  Pfizer would not get involved without legal protection.  That should have caused everyone involved in this crime to opt out.  At the very least they should have sought the same protection that was given to Pfizer.  They did not and now they are worried.

Thousands of people jumped on the COVID jab gravy train but only a handful has legal protection.  I can’t wait to see this play out.