The Curious demographics of “Died Suddenly”

Excess deaths have been high since 2020.  Initially many of these excess deaths were attributed to COVID.  This is not that unusual since respiratory viruses do cause excess deaths typically during the winter season.  What has been unusual is the high number of excess deaths since January of 2021.  Typically a high bad flu season like 2019/2020 would be followed by a light flu season.  That did not happen in fact the excess deaths were not even confined to the winter.  The world saw 2 summers of unusually high excess deaths.

Some of the excess deaths since January 2021 have been attributed to COVID but many were not.  Strokes, Heart attacks, cancer; everything was up right across the board.  All of this is curious but one thing in particular stands out; all the deaths that were ascribed to “died suddenly”.

Died suddenly is not a cause of death.  It describes the speed at which a death occurred not what caused it yet at one point “died suddenly” was the leading cause of death in the province of Alberta.  Died suddenly as a cause of death really means one of 3 things;

  1. Not enough work has been done to identify cause of death
  2. The coroner does not want to say what caused the death
  3. The coroner is afraid to say what caused the death

Given the sheer number of died suddenly cases none of those are acceptable.

There has been a lot of speculation about what has caused the phenomena of died suddenly.  I say speculation because no one in authority is really looking for a reason.  They are just throwing out theories hoping the public will move on and not ask questions.  The question authorities are most desperate to avoid is;

Could all the sudden deaths be associated with the COVID vaccines?

This is a very easy question to answer.  All you must do is check the vaccination status of every person who died suddenly.  If the vaccines are not at fault there would be a random distribution of the deaths between vaccinated and unvaccinated.  So why doesn’t the government do this?  They track everything else about COVID right down to where your cellphone went during the lockdowns.

The Government has not done this simple analysis because they do not want to know the answer but thankfully private citizens have been doing their own ad hoc accounting.

Mark Crispin Miller has been tracking “died suddenly” deaths since 2022. He estimates that he has documented over 10,000 such deaths since he started.

In one of those deaths, he was notified that the deceased was not vaccinated with the COVID vaccine

A death determination of “died suddenly” has very definite demographics.  It is far more common among vaccinated than unvaccinated.  No rational person should be surprised by this. Injecting billions of people with a new treatment was an enormously stupid risk and we are now witnessing the consequences.

The average person has figured this out that is why only the severely deluded are continuing to take COVID boosters.  But, stopping is not enough.  A crime has been committed.  The government coerced people in to taking unnecessary chances with their health.  I do not know why the people who trusted their governments are not angrier.  If you do not punish the people behind the mandates they will do it again; next time at gun point.  Enough is enough.  Make the bastards pay.