The Year of the Lawsuit

This is an incredibly promising start to 2023.  On New Year’s Day the Wall Street Journal published an opinion column about COVID vaccine boosters.  The columnist, Allysia Finley, is worried that the boosters don’t seem to work and could be causing Variants.  She even wonders why the “experts” are not exploring other treatment options.

The Biden administration’s monomaniacal focus on vaccines over new treatments has left the highest-risk Americans more vulnerable to new variants. Why doesn’t that seem to worry the experts?

Things need to be bad for the media to even circle close to the truth.  Being outright honest indicates that the wall street Journal is really feeling the heat.  So what caused the WSJ to be so truthful on New Year’s Day?  My guess is that their legal department finally figured out that Pfizer has something that they do not; legal protection from prosecution.

Pfizer can’t be sued but everyone else involved in this crime can be.  Every doctor and nurse that administered the jabs without informed consent is at risk.  The same goes for media outlets that constantly exaggerated the risk of COVID and the effectiveness of the vaccines.


I hope 2023 is the year of the lawsuit.  Hopefully the vaccine injured get their day in court and their pound of flesh.

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