In 2023 let Truth rather than Government be your Guide

January 2020 started with stories of a viral outbreak in china that was causing people to drop dead in the streets.  This triggered a debate about just how racist it would be to place restrictions on Chinese travelers.  Now 3 years later we have stories about a viral outbreak in China causing people to drop dead in the streets.  The only thing that has changed is that we have skipped the racism debate.

Why does 2023 already feel like the movie groundhog day?  The media is up to their old tricks whipping up hysteria and COVIDiots are already calling for the government can step in to save us with more regulations.  It starts with restrictions on Chinese’s travelers then ends with seniors neglected and dying alone in government facilities.

Do we really want to go down this road again?  I know most people would rather base decisions on emotion instead of reason but I still feel compelled to point out none of the restrictions work.  In 2020 we flipped a switch and turned society off.  We were told that it was necessary.  It was the only way that we could protect grandma and grandpa.  The ridiculous restrictions failed to save Grandma and Grandpa.  They died anyway and governments now benefit from reduced pension payouts.

Germany’s statutory retirement insurance expects a surplus of €2.1 billion at the end of 2022, its president, Gundula Roßbach, told the German news agency DPA. “A year ago, a deficit of €6.5 billion had been predicted,” Roßbach said. The surplus can be explained by a surprisingly stable job market in Germany alongside a surprisingly high excess-mortality rate.

That, however, is not verifiable as of yet. The federal statistical office reported high rates of excess mortality throughout the year, but admitted that Covid deaths cannot fully account for the excess mortality.

The restrictions failed because not a single one of them was based on science.  At no time in the last 3 years have we followed science.  We followed “experts”.  If you want to make a new year’s resolution I would suggest this; stop listening to people the media touts as experts.  They are not experts in anything.  Their only skill is a willingness to lie outrageously for fame or fortune.

The media never vets “experts” to establish their expertise.  “Experts” are chosen to support the narrative.  I live in a city that has a small but rabid anti-fracking community.  Every time drilling activity picks up near town the local papers run out to re-interview the anti-frackers.  The anti-frackers are given pages to air their grievances.  A few years ago the reporter interviewed one of the anti-frackers who claimed to be an engineer with fracking expertise.  In his expert opinion fracking should be banned.

I work in the oil industry and I have experience fracking; I have been involved in well over 100 fracking operations on both vertical and horizontal wells.  Most of the time I have been on location supervising.  With my experience I know quite a bit about fracking and I Knew therefore that the “expert” was lying.  I wrote the paper to pointing out the errors including the fact that their “expert” was not a registered professional engineer.  The editor wrote back to say that he questioned the “expert” on his credentials and was told he is not registered locally because he worked in the Middle East.  I found that very interesting because they do not frack wells in the Middle East.  Their “expert” likely had no expertise at all in Fracking.

The editor suggested a follow up article where I could put questions to his “expert”.  I agreed immediately but the follow up never happened.  When the “expert” discovered he would be questioned by someone who designed and supervised fracks he declined.  I was vindicated but it was not a victory for truth because of what did not happen.  The paper never printed a retraction or explained that they had been duped by a fake expert.  The last word printed about fracking was that an engineering expert called for a ban on fracking.

With government and media it is always the narrative rather than the truth.  Your new year’s resolution should be to stop believing them.  They are liars.  They Lied about COVID in January of 2020 and they continue to lie about COVID in January 2023.

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    I am thrilled you called this “expert” out but it is frustrating that the paper did not print the full story which would have of course exposed the fraud. One of the most important things to do going forward is to withdraw support and energy from “trusted sources” and news “experts” and go inward for the truth. To make our own assessments based on what we see, hear and learn. but of course that is hard when the other side is suppressed. Censorship is always a tool of liars and tyrants.

  2. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    I once wrote into my local paper and challenged our local county on information they were presenting our locality that was false. They did it to justify trying to raise taxes. Luckily the editor gave me extra space in the paper and did not censor anything I wrote because it was supported by facts.

    It was sharp and pointed , I had many people tell me they were happy with what I wrote… I believed it helped open some peoples eyes to the truth. What free speech is there for.

    Freedom of thought and ideas is such a precious thing….

    The week after the article was printed all of my fields were checked for disease(clubroot) by the county I was criticizing. If the county found it they could prevent me from growing canola on my land. The inspector never found any but isn’t it ironic that is the only time in a decade my fields were checked…coincidence…. I think not.

    • Trevor
      Trevor says:

      People in Government hate being caught out or blocked in their actions. They will invariably use their position and power for retribution.

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