It was nice knowing Canada

Question:            When is a suspicious death not treated as a possible homicide?

Answer:               When the government and big Pharma are co-conspirators involved in the death.


There is a court case going on in Canada that is receiving very little media attention.  Ottawa detective Hellen Grus has been charged with “Discreditable Conduct”.  As I understand it this is not a criminal proceeding.  The trial is open to the public but it is an internal police matter conducted by an internal trials officer.  Because it is not a criminal trail the rules are a little different, which is a good thing for the prosecution because she is in trouble for doing her Job.

Detective Grus was once assigned to a team that investigated child deaths under 5.  She no longer works in that group but when she noticed her old team ignoring a suspicious increase in infant deaths she opened her own investigation.  The first thing she did was gather information.  That is what really set off alarm bells because she was inquiring about the vaccine status of the mothers.  That is a big Faux Pas.  In Trudeau’s Canada you can force people to disclose private medical information to enter a restaurant but you can’t do it for something as insignificant as dead babies.

“These two cases struck a bell suddenly that day because both those babies were sent home healthy. Both those mothers picked them up to feed them, and both of those babies collapsed and went limp in the mother’s arms.

“I don’t want more babies to die. Whether it’s vaccine-related or not, I want to try to find out why these little babies died… I’m not okay with babies dying and not getting any answers.”

This crime is way worse than you think.  Detective Grus is also guilty of doing the work that other Canadians won’t do.  As a nation we simply cannot let that stand.  If we start letting a Canadian citizen do distasteful work like policing we won’t have a soothing sound bite to justify unrestricted immigration.  Canadian policing is obviously better suited to un-vetted migrants from countries rife with police corruption.

The rules for this tribunal stray so far from actual justice that it is laughable (though I doubt detective Grus is laughing).  The prosecutor actually put her own family on the stand to testify without disclosing the relationship.

Then on the last day of the hearings, Friday, August 18, 2023, the public gallery and journalists were shocked to learn that Prosecutor Stewart and Detective Stewart are close family members – sisters-in-law.

This truly is kangaroo court stuff on par with the Tamara Lich trial where the government put paid government employees on the stand to testify on behalf of the government.  It is time to call it.  Canada is officially a failed state.  Politicians and bureaucrats are robbing us blind but the only people in trouble are citizens who complain about it and police who investigate it.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Too bad too, it was a nice little country at one time. The powers that be don’t want mothers to know the government killed their babies with the gene shot. Government officials know their heads belong on the end of a pike.

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