Government corruption is the norm not the exception

Yesterday I was feeling like a smart ass and I mocked Justin Trudeau and his “investing in Canadians” slogan.  The sad truth is that this really is not a laughing matter.  Justin Trudeau is destroying the country and stealing my children’s future.

The bank’s latest financial well-being survey of 1,001 people found that younger Canadians, in particular members of generation X (aged 43-58), millennials (aged 27-42) and generation Z (aged 18-26), are having more money problems than the national average.

Deteriorating mental health is a direct result of all that financial stress and just under half, or 48 per cent, of all generations say their well-being is taking a hit. But that number jumps to 63 per cent among millennials and gen Z-ers, and 54 per cent for gen X-ers.

Trudeau’s insane policies have caused the cost of living in Canada to spiral.  Now young adults are depressed because all they can see is a lifetime of work barely able to stay ahead of creditors.  The only thing Trudeau offers as a solution is assisted suicide (MAID).  His callous indifference to the plight of average Canadians has earned Justin Trudeau a special place in my heart.  I hate that man with every fiber of my being.

Sadly, Trudeau is really only carrying on the well-established Canadian tradition of government corruption.  One of his predecessors, Jean Chretien, was also caught funneling tax money to his friends.  In that case his excuse was even more laughable than Justin’s “investing in Canadians”.  He said it was to save Canada.  Canada, apparently, would have splintered in to pieces if not for the Chretien Liberal’s corruption.

So when viewed through the lens of Canadian history Trudeau is not especially bad.  He is amoral and corrupt to the core but he is far from the only one.  The normality of political corruption is the fundamental problem with the world right now.  Not only does Trudeau not look much different than other Canadian Prime Ministers, he does not even look different than counterparts in other countries.  The German government just got caught funneling money to one of the richest and most disgusting people on the planet.

According to an official parliamentary inquiry, the German government sent 3.8 billion euros ($4.15 billion) to Bill Gates’ foundation to fund “population control” and other WEF schemes in Germany.

The Canadian and German governments are corrupt.  Unfortunately so is everyone else.  The plot below is a random selection of Western countries and shows Federal spending as a percent of GDP.  Canada, a country with a massively corrupt government that has been caught several times stealing tax dollars is right in the middle of the pack.  Every other western government is stealing as much as the Trudeau liberals are.

A society that has more takers than makers will eventually collapse.  Every year governments get larger and government is the biggest taker of them all.  This can’t continue and they know it.  That is the real reason for the great reset.  The great reset is not about saving the planet or making things equal.  It is about saving the asses of government and maintaining the inequality that they currently enjoy.  Western governments need to emasculate and imprison us in 15 minute cities before we figure out that they have stolen us blind.

The public treasures have been looted and are close to empty.  We cannot let this continue or let them get away with it.