Stop pretending the planet needs saving

Today on Halloween I think we need to acknowledge that Climate Change alarmism is a demon.  It will not go away unless we exorcise it.

Climate change alarmism will not disappear on its own because politicians will do everything in their power to keep it alive.  Climate change is the perfect political issue.  People have been conditioned to accept that everything proves it even though nothing really does.  This means that Politicians have a free hand to do whatever they want and it does not matter what they do, it can always be spun as a success.  If the planet cools their policies were successful.  If the plant warms it would have been worse had they not acted.

The only way a politician can lose is if they do nothing and the planet warms.  It will not matter what caused the warming your political opponents will seize the opportunity and crucify you.  So the politically safe thing to do is to do something.  It does not matter how ridiculous or destructive it is, it can always spun as saving the planet.  A politician gets to be a superhero without doing anything as difficult as lower crime or inflation.  I am sure with every carbon tax increase Trudeau dons his leotard and bounds around his office for hours.

The reason your policies can always be spun as a win is that the earth is an incredibly dynamic system.  Nothing is ever static.  Everything changes and that is absolutely normal.  But what this means is that you can always find a hot day, storm, cold day, or quite period; whatever you need to support your current position.  In fact if you wanted you could cherry pick the data and convince people the earth was in danger of cooling.

So, in spite of the warnings of planetary overheating from Mr. Guterres and the climate alarmists, it seems that this year record cold temperatures have been recorded on every continent. 

So why don’t politicians take a global cooling stance?  Is it just that Global warming allows them to pretend to work while they ignore real issues?  That is certainly part of it but that is not the main attraction of climate change.  The main political benefit is control.

The climate narrative involves demonizing CO2, a gas all life on earth depends on.  They picked CO2 deliberately because you cannot use fossil fuels without producing CO2.  Fossil fuels are the primary energy source for the world.  Regulating CO2 gives politicians control over Fossil fuels consumption.  By controlling fossil fuels they essentially control the world.  Control has always been the objective and since CO2 does not respect borders it allows unelected global organizations to claim jurisdiction.

There will never be another political issue as useful to politicians as climate change.  It is not a real issue so it requires no real solution.  It can, however, be used to impoverish you and usher in the great reset. For that reason politicians will not let go of it unless we pry it out of their hands.  It won’t really take a priest.  We just have to say no.  We better learn that fast before we all freeze to death when our heat pumps stop working.

On the Prairies and in northern Ontario and northern Quebec, for instance, that won’t apply because most insurers will not insure homes that have only heat pumps where winter temperatures routinely fall below -20C. (Too much chance of the pipes freezing.)

This is not about science.  It is does not involve saving the planet or making your life better.  It is tyranny disguised as altruism.  Stop falling for the lie.