Justice first, then forgiveness

A few days ago another prominent useful idiot went on television to tell people it is time for forgiveness.  These people never learn.  First they told us we must give up our rights and comply until they feel safe.   Now they tell us we have no right to be angry about the damage they caused.


Wasn’t it nice that the camera panned over to Andrew Cuomo as he nodded his head in agreement?  I am certain Andrew Cuomo would love to be forgiven.  The only person who killed more people during COVID than Cuomo was Anthony Fauci.  I really can’t find a reason to forgive a mass murderer or the useful idiots who enabled his crime.  Make no mistake about it the whole COVID fiasco was a crime starting from the day the virus was intentionally released.


COVID was a criminal conspiracy that resulted in millions of deaths and millions of vax injured.  There can be no forgiveness until after justice is served.  That includes forgiveness for all the useful idiots who cheered on murder and continue to make excuses for the murderers.