Punishing Pfizer’s minions

For more than 2 years Governments have successfully ignored COVID vaccine injuries but that is becoming increasingly difficult.  Too many people have been injured and some of those unfortunate soles have discovered that their injuries are permanent.


As Dr. Drew points out Pfizer did not commit this crime on their own.  They had a lot of help.  Help that does not have the legal protection Pfizer was granted.

Pfizer can’t be sued but everyone else involved in this crime can be.  Every doctor and nurse that administered the jabs without informed consent is at risk.  The same goes for media outlets that constantly exaggerated the risk of COVID and the effectiveness of the vaccines.

We do seem to finally be at an inflection point.  The guilty parties know it and are worried of legal ramifications.  The whole argument that the benefit outweighs the risks can no longer be supported.  Something I have been pointing out since the spring of 2021 when the Vaccines were being pushed on low risk groups.  There is no way to justify the jab mandates.  Governments need to find a way to spin this before lynch mobs form.  The Canadian government has chosen to blame quality control.

Health Canada has confirmed the presence of a Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA sequence in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, which the manufacturer had not previously disclosed. There is debate among scientists with regards to the significance of the finding, with some saying it has the potential to cause cancer, and others saying it poses little to no threat.

This information is not new.  I have discussed it before in previous posts.  It was largely ignored until Politicians decided it is a possible way to absolve them of responsibility.  The Jab injuries were simply not their fault.  How can they be expected to enforce quality control on products manufactured in foreign countries?  I doubt this is going to sit well with Canadians.  At least a few won’t accept this as an excuse for mass murder.

While the Canadian government is trying to spin this as an unfortunate circumstance beyond their control, the German government is taking a more aggressive stance.  They are kidnapping people who speak out.

The charges against Fuellmich remain unclear at this point, but he was reportedly lured into the German embassy in Mexico, where he was kidnapped. What are his charges? It was not an arrest as he has not committed a crime. He was led to believe that he was exchanging his passport at the embassy when he was taken away.

All of this smacks of desperation.  The deep thinkers in government did not have the foresight Pfizer did.  Pfizer would not get involved without legal protection.  That should have caused everyone involved in this crime to opt out.  At the very least they should have sought the same protection that was given to Pfizer.  They did not and now they are worried.

Thousands of people jumped on the COVID jab gravy train but only a handful has legal protection.  I can’t wait to see this play out.

The Curious demographics of “Died Suddenly”

Excess deaths have been high since 2020.  Initially many of these excess deaths were attributed to COVID.  This is not that unusual since respiratory viruses do cause excess deaths typically during the winter season.  What has been unusual is the high number of excess deaths since January of 2021.  Typically a high bad flu season like 2019/2020 would be followed by a light flu season.  That did not happen in fact the excess deaths were not even confined to the winter.  The world saw 2 summers of unusually high excess deaths.

Some of the excess deaths since January 2021 have been attributed to COVID but many were not.  Strokes, Heart attacks, cancer; everything was up right across the board.  All of this is curious but one thing in particular stands out; all the deaths that were ascribed to “died suddenly”.

Died suddenly is not a cause of death.  It describes the speed at which a death occurred not what caused it yet at one point “died suddenly” was the leading cause of death in the province of Alberta.  Died suddenly as a cause of death really means one of 3 things;

  1. Not enough work has been done to identify cause of death
  2. The coroner does not want to say what caused the death
  3. The coroner is afraid to say what caused the death

Given the sheer number of died suddenly cases none of those are acceptable.

There has been a lot of speculation about what has caused the phenomena of died suddenly.  I say speculation because no one in authority is really looking for a reason.  They are just throwing out theories hoping the public will move on and not ask questions.  The question authorities are most desperate to avoid is;

Could all the sudden deaths be associated with the COVID vaccines?

This is a very easy question to answer.  All you must do is check the vaccination status of every person who died suddenly.  If the vaccines are not at fault there would be a random distribution of the deaths between vaccinated and unvaccinated.  So why doesn’t the government do this?  They track everything else about COVID right down to where your cellphone went during the lockdowns.

The Government has not done this simple analysis because they do not want to know the answer but thankfully private citizens have been doing their own ad hoc accounting.

Mark Crispin Miller has been tracking “died suddenly” deaths since 2022. He estimates that he has documented over 10,000 such deaths since he started.

In one of those deaths, he was notified that the deceased was not vaccinated with the COVID vaccine

A death determination of “died suddenly” has very definite demographics.  It is far more common among vaccinated than unvaccinated.  No rational person should be surprised by this. Injecting billions of people with a new treatment was an enormously stupid risk and we are now witnessing the consequences.

The average person has figured this out that is why only the severely deluded are continuing to take COVID boosters.  But, stopping is not enough.  A crime has been committed.  The government coerced people in to taking unnecessary chances with their health.  I do not know why the people who trusted their governments are not angrier.  If you do not punish the people behind the mandates they will do it again; next time at gun point.  Enough is enough.  Make the bastards pay.


Let cooler heads prevail

Like many people I remember where I was and what I was doing on 9/11.  I was the operations manager for the company and I was travelling to one of our field offices.  When I got there I found that no one was working.  Everyone was gathered in the lunch room watching events unfold on television.  When I walked into the lunch room the towers were on fire and the media was already blaming Osama Bin Laden.  I remember wondering how they could have that information so quickly.

Then as time passed we learned that it was in fact Bin Laden but we also learned other troubling information.  The FBI had been warned about the suspicious behavior of some of the hijackers and the CIA had been warned by other intelligence agencies that Bin Laden was planning a major attack.  This information could be interpreted in one of 2 ways;

  1. The FBI and CIA were incredibly incompetent


  1. They knew it was going to happen and they let it happen.

The second option may be hard to accept but at the time things were relatively stable and media was discussing the peace dividend.  The benefit of world stability was that we could spend less on the military and intelligence gathering apparatus.  Very powerful agencies were staring down the barrel of budget cuts but all of that changed after a sensational attack.

So early on I concluded that 9/11 was allowed to happen and it was about Money.  I had not even considered the largest expense.  How much money would be spent occupying Afghanistan?  The US spent over $2 trillion occupying Afghanistan for 20 years to search for a man that was not even in the country.  Fortunes were made but nothing changed.  The Taliban is in charge again.

I believe 9/11 was allowed to happen so that a select few could get very rich.  Americans were tricked into supporting this by an event that evoked a strong emotional response.  To me the October 7th Hamas attack felt an awful lot like 9/11.  It was a horrific attack that left me asking similar questions.  Could the Mossad and IDF have been that incompetent?  Why people left were alone for so long and why were those people unarmed?  Military service is compulsory in Israel.  Why are trained reservists not allowed to keep firearms?

To me the only real difference between 9/11 and October 7th was that I could not see a motive.  Oct 7th did not look like it was about money.  But, just because I could not see a motive, it did not mean there was no motive.  A couple days ago I came across this video that discusses a plausible motive.


Both 9/11 and October 7th may or may not have been allowed to happen but one thing is certain; both are being exploited by people with agendas.  They are using our emotional reaction to a terrible event to implement an already crafted plan.  This is a tactic that has been used successful several times in my life time alone.  COVID, 9/11, weapons of mass destruction, killing babies in incubators, in each case we reacted with emotion and got the same results.  Money was stolen and people died unnecessarily.  We need to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated.  Not every event demands immediate unthinking action.  We do not need to get involved in a conflict in the Middle East.

I know this post will anger people on both sides.  Many people have entrenched opinions about who is the hero and who is the villain in the Israelis – Palestinian conflict.  To those people I say fine.  If you are convinced one side is right, volunteer to fight or send money.  Just don’t volunteer someone else’s life or someone else’s money.  We do not need to take a stand on every conflict.  When someone asks you where you stand on this issue just tell them you are “standing back***”.


Note***                                 these words are in quotation because they are not mine.  I took them from someone I follow on twitter/X.  I don’t remember who it was but if they are reading this they will know and I want to thank them for giving me the right words to end this post.

The coldest Banana Republic on Earth

It is really hard not to think of Canada as a banana republic.  On the surface we are still a democracy yet we have somehow found ourselves in the position where a man, supported by only 25% of Canadian Adults, continually breaks the law with total impunity.  In 2019 it was revealed that Justin Trudeau had illegally interfered into the SNC Lavalin corruption investigation.  This should have a resulted in a second investigation of Trudeau himself.  It did not because Trudeau told the RCMP that there was nothing to see.

This is the second official investigation into the issue that was thwarted in an attempt to gain access to certain documents after the government cited cabinet confidentiality.

Justin Trudeau has absolutely no regard for Canadian law or the Canadian judicial system.  He treats the courts as a lap dog and politically appointed judges go along with the farce.  Tamara Lich and Chris Barber are on trial for mischief in Ottawa right now.  Lich and Barber were 2 of the Freedom Convoy organizers.  I am not sure any mischief charge in Canada has ever actually gone to trial but this one has already racked up millions in court costs.  Trudeau is determined to make an example of these 2 ordinary citizens who dared to defy him.

Trudeau is not just using taxpayer money to crush political opponents he is thumbing his nose at Canadians while doing it.  The prosecution is using, and the judge is allowing, witnesses to testify how scared they were of bouncy castles.  Not just any witnesses mind you but Federal Government employees.  People paid to support the government position.

Li testified she was working from her downtown home during the COVID-19 pandemic, including when protesters came to Ottawa.

Have you ever seen anything more absurd than this?  The crown star witness is an overpaid civil servant upset that truckers (AKA Canadian taxpayers) made it difficult for her to work from home.  Here is their star witness.


Li is not just a Canadian citizen she is a Chinese national who still holds Chinese citizenship.  The Trudeau liberals do seem to have a very cozy relationship with communist China don’t they? Makes you wonder who actually hired her and which government she really works for.

In a few short years Trudeau has turn the entire country in to a three ring circus.  Canada is now the laughing stock of the world.  Sadly, Canadian’s don’t seem to care.

Let the prosecutions begin

Another study has found a mysterious rise in cardiac arrests.  The researchers are mystified that the answer could not be found where the government told them to look.

The researchers did not factor in vaccination status, however.

Instead, they sought to examine the impact of COVID-19 on out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.

Government financed academics have once again proven that you cannot find answers you refuse to look for.  The willful blindness is astonishing.  Anyone who is not a moron (a group that I admit includes few politicians) knows what is causing this.  The only good news is that it seems the worst could be behind us.  According to Euromomo, the only group still suffering unusually high excess deaths is children.

Children should never have been part of this deadly money making adventure but they were.  As the last to be vaccinated the negative vaccine effects have yet to subside as they have in other age groups.  But, to be clear while the worst is over this is not over.  Many people will now deal with lingering vaccine injuries possibly for the rest of their lives.

I have a colleague who told me 8 months ago that he had developed pericarditis from his booster.  I saw him last week for the first time since then.  His heart damage has made him weak and he now struggles to walk.  His doctor is searching for ways to help but the damage has been done.  He is unfortunately only one of millions who have had their lives permanently altered.

So what should we do with the people who perpetrated this assault?  Justin Trudeau will say there was no assault because no one was forced to take the vaccine.  Technically that is true.  My colleague was not forced to take the vaccine he was forced to make a terrible decision.  He has a large family that depends on his income.  His income depends on his ability to travel which depended on his vaccination status.  So, he could choose to abandon his responsibility as a husband and father or he could take a chance with another jab; some choice.

People have died and lives have been irreparably harmed.  Someone has to pay.  The greedy bastards that put profits ahead of people’s lives must be prosecuted and many of those greedy bastards are elected officials.  Everyone involved with jab mandates need to face prosecution.


It was always Government that we should have feared

I found this interview with Denis Rancourt a couple of days ago.  I am not sure when it was done.  In the interview Rancourt points out that COVID on its own was not very deadly.  Most people were actually killed by their own government.


Denis Rancourt is easy to dismiss because he is a physicist and not a medical professional but he should not be dismissed because you do not need to be a doctor to understand things do not add up.  I am not a medical professional either but I am not gullible enough to believe the government when the data simply does not support anything that the government says.  It is the data that made me come to the same conclusion as Rancourt months ago.  I simply can’t ignore that COVID was not producing any excess deaths until Governments decided to intervene.

As the linked article states there is evidence from multiple sources that COVID was circulating in the fall of 2019 yet we did not have large numbers of excess deaths.  In fact no one even noticed the existence of this novel virus.  The only thing that changed in February/March of 2020 that suddenly made this previously benign virus deadly, was the change in government policy.

It has been painfully obvious for a long time that government policy was only making things worse.  It was hard not to conclude that Governments were intentionally trying to keep the pandemic going.

If Government had done nothing this would have been over 13 months ago.  Instead Government blundered in with a mandatory solution to a problem that no longer existed.  The duration and impact of COVID 19 was increased by government stupidity.  Once again we see perfectly this simple truth.  There is no problem that Government cannot make worse by intervening.

Every single COVID mitigation measure, including the Jabs, seemed to be designed to increase not just the duration of COVID but also the body count.  People were forced to take a treatment that makes them more likely to get sick.  How were we supposed to restore normal by making people sick?


In the spring of 2020 Governments started killing people and attributing the deaths to COVID.  Even now 3.5 years later they are not satisfied with their body count.  People are still being urged to take the latest Pfizer clot shot not because it works but because it allows governments to extend the emergency.


As far as governments are concerned the vaccines have been a rip roaring success because they keep the virus circulating and mutating endlessly.

The vaccines don’t just increase your chance of infection they also increase your chance of re-infection.  The following data is from Australia.  Your chance of getting COVID increases with every shot.  If you extrapolate this trend it indicates everyone will get COVID eventually, it is simply a matter of how many shots you have taken.

Thankfully people have finally stopped allowing the Government to scare them in to submission.  Winter is approaching and very few people have opted for another untested booster.  To me this is fabulous news because it means the fear is lifting.  Or at least it means people have determined that their fear has been misplaced.  It was the government they should have been afraid of not the virus.  Maybe now we can start discussing what to do with all the people who caused 3.5 years of misery.



For once in Canada law triumphs over judicial virtue signaling

The Supreme Court of Canada just ruled that Justin Trudeau’s Bill C 69 was largely unconstitutional.  Bill C69 gives jurisdiction of absolutely everything to the Federal government if the feds deem the environmental impact sufficiently large.  Basically it is power grab by Justin Trudeau.  It is his attempt to do an end run around the constitution.

The way that the Canadian Constitution is written the federal government is supposed to be in charge of very little.  This annoys federal politicians because they view themselves as omnipotent superior beings who should have the final say on everything.  The traditional way around the constitution has always been hold tax dollars hostage.  The federal government over taxes citizens then promises to return some of the money to the provinces if the province agrees to do things the way Ottawa wants them done.  This was not enough for Justin Trudeau so he passed a law that allows him to override provinces whenever he wants.

The law was clearly unconstitutional yet this ruling was quite unexpected because the Canadian Supreme court does not have a great track record of upholding the constitution.  Judicial appointments in Canada are political and unlike the US there is no public vetting so Canadians are largely unaware that Judges are political insiders.  They are appointed based on ideological purity not judicial expertise.  Even with this rare ruling the ideological influence is apparent in the opinions of the dissenting judges.

Dissenting Justices Andromache Karakatsanis and Mahmud Jamal wrote that they believed the act was constitutional in its entirety. 

“Environmental protection requires action by all levels of government because each — whether by action or inaction — can affect the environment,” the dissenting opinion reads.

“This shared responsibility is ‘neither unusual nor unworkable’ in a federal state such as Canada. Rather, it reflects this Court’s flexible approach to federalism, which recognizes that overlapping powers are unavoidable and intergovernmental cooperation is essential.”

There is no shared responsibility in the constitution and the court is not supposed to have a flexible approach to anything.  Judges are not supposed to read things in to laws that are not there and were never meant to be there, but these judges do.  In their opinion anything they feel is important, like environmental protection, should override the constitution.

This is precisely why Canadians found themselves without legal protection during COVID.  Every single COVID mitigation measure violated individual rights but too few judges in Canada care about individual rights or the law.  It is about what the feel to be correct.  COVID tyranny was the natural outcome of a judiciary corrupted by politics and ideology.  The courts should have protected us but they did not.  Too many judges are just overgrown children who think their feelings are the only thing that matters.  Thomas Sowell said it best.

Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good. In area after area – crime, education, housing, race relations – the situation has gotten worse after the bright new theories were put into operation. The amazing thing is that this history of failure and disaster has neither discouraged the social engineers nor discredited them. 


AHS fails to read the room

Alberta Health Services, the group of dedicated communists running Alberta’s health care system issued a mask mandate for all acute care facilities in the province.  They are following the lead of their comrades in British Columbia who instituted a similar rule last week.  AHS re-instated the mask mandates for several reasons;

  1. COVID test positivity percentage and new cases have been rising.
  2. They are stupid enough to believe a piece of cloth will magically block a virus.
  3. They think Albertans are Stupid enough to go along with this farce again.

AHS could not have been more wrong on that last point.  Albertans were more reluctant than other Canadians to go along with COVID tyranny.  In the end it cost Premier Jason Kenney and Chief medical officer Deena Hinshaw their jobs. And, it appears, even gullible Albertans have seen through this scam.  As of the first of October only 6000 Albertans have taken the new jab with the uptake falling dramatically each week.

6000 is 0.13% of the population.  Or, put another way, 99.87% of Albertans see through AHS’s bullshit.

It did not take AHS long to understand how badly they misjudged Albertans and only days later they changed their guidance.  AHS is trying to back away from their stupidity by throwing the decision on to local authorities.

AHS announced the new directive Wednesday afternoon. The health authority said the policy change will allow officials at the health-zone level, in collaboration with facility leadership, to impose “enhanced masking” protocols for doctors, midwives and other staff, mandating them to wear masks in all public-facing areas.

Thankfully the latest attempt at medical tyranny did not even survive a week.  Albertans have finally woken up to the scam of COVID.  COVID started as a bad flu and then morphed in to a bad cold.  It was never an emergency.  The government engineered the whole thing by enforcing medical malpractice and attributing every death possible to COVID.  Interestingly they now admit as much on their new Respiratory Virus Tracking Website.

They want you to believe we still have a problem but caution you that you cannot compare old numbers to new because we changed the way we report COVID deaths.  Isn’t that interesting?  Suddenly car accidents are no longer COVID deaths.  Even more interesting to me is the date AHS chose to stop lying about COVID.  February 1st 2022 is 3 days after the Freedom convoy arrived in Ottawa and 2 days after the Coutts border crossing was blockaded.

February 1st was the first day of business after those 2 events so the very first thing the government did in response to the protests was to stop lying about COVID deaths.  For those of you who say the protests accomplished nothing please tell me another time the public forced the government to stop lying.

The organizers of the freedom Convoy are currently on Trial and the wing nut judge (are there any other kind in Canada?) is allowing pro government supporters to testify how afraid they were of polite truckers in hot tubs.  So the jury only gets to hear the downside of the protest.  What about the upside?  Why can’t I go and testify about the enormous positive benefits of not allowing the government to lie?

Governments will of course continue to lie but at least in Alberta the government is learning it can no longer lie about COVID.

Are you tired of “Experts” yet?

The cost of housing in Canada has exploded.  The reason for this is simple.  Supply has not kept up with demand.  The reason for that is also simple; Government caused another expensive problem.  Since taking office Justin Trudeau has dramatically ramped up immigration and refugee acceptance.  Canada has always taken in a lot of people relative to our size as a nation.  For years this number was relatively stable but now Trudeau has increased the number by 600%.  There is no way to find homes for these people without increasing how many homes we build each year and that has not happened, also because of government.

Governments love regulations because regulations require bureaucrats to enforce and increased taxes to pay the bureaucrats. Some regulations are necessary; most are not.  Most regulations are just the way bureaucrats justify their existence and high salaries.  Canada has a lot of bureaucrats and regulations which always spawns more bureaucrats and more regulations.  That is why government is the only real growth industry in the country where the highest salaries are paid.

The highest-ranked Canadian city is Ottawa because bureaucrats have higher incomes on average than private-sector workers.

Canada’s runner-up is Edmonton (54th), another government town full of well-paid civil servants.

All of these bureaucrats with imaginary jobs have very real impacts on the actual economy.  It is expensive and difficult to get anything done in Canada.  5 years ago I bought about 500 ft2 of land from my neighbor.  The lots were large and the way they were situated it was land he could not use but I wanted it for a parking pad next to my garage.  It took 5 minutes for me to reach an agreement with my neighbor and then more than a year to get government approval.  If it takes more than a year to transfer 500 ft2 of unusable land between 2 agreeable parties, how long do you think it takes to get the approvals to build a condo or apartment building?

So at the same time the federal government dramatically increased new arrivals municipal and provincial governments have been working diligently to make sure nothing can get built.  It does not take a genius to predict that this would be a problem.  But in Canada when we are faced with problems we don’t turn to geniuses.  We turn to “experts”, which is exactly what the Communist Bureau of Canada did to produce this article.  Below are some of their expert solutions.

Tranjan said one argument against rent control is that it slows down housing starts and makes it harder for landlords to afford repairs and maintenance. But empirically, he said, those arguments only held true in the 1950s and ’60s when rent control was more “blunt” — like a straight freeze. 

Pick something that has never worked and fundamentally can’t work and do it again.

While Tranjan argues governments need to rely less on incentivizing the private sector to build homes. He believes when profit is removed from the process of developing housing, affordability can grow. 

Right removing incentive always makes people work harder.

Spassov also pointed to the National Housing Strategy announced in 2017, that provides billions in low-interest loans to developers who build units below market rents.

So you lower initial capital costs (by transferring them elsewhere) but you also lower future revenue.  The net does not change or may even be negative.

Not one of these “solutions” addresses the government policies that caused the problem in the first place.  They all involve some sort of rent control which always results in less supply which will just make the problem worse.  Do you really think any of these “experts” have ever solved a problem in their life?  Do you think even one of them has done a single day of productive work?  After 3 years of watching the public health experts get everything wrong don’t you think it is time to start ignoring “experts”?

Even the PCR test killed

At the apex of COVID stupidity everyone with a runny nose was given a PCR test.  If your test was positive and your doctor sufficiently intimidated by government you were subject to COVID protocols.  The standard of care for COVID was isolation until you recovered on your own or got so sick you needed to be admitted to hospital.  Once admitted to hospital the standard of care was to administer Remdesiver and ventilation, then monitor until death.

So a positive PCR test sealed your fate.  You either got better on your own or a lot of money was spent doing things that did not work until you died.  This is how the PCR test killed.  It precluded all other options.  A positive PCR test was switch that turned off your doctor’s better judgment.

Most Positive PCR tests were false positives but once you were positive you became a COVID patient even though your symptoms could have been caused by a host of other illnesses that had different treatment protocols.  And, even if your test was correct it still did not mean your symptoms were from COVID.  Secondary infections are very common so is COVID the primary or secondary infection?

This is a lesson that we should have learned from the Spanish flu where hindsight has found that many deaths were actually from bacterial pneumonia.

The majority of deaths during the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 were not caused by the influenza virus acting alone, report researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health. Instead, most victims succumbed to bacterial pneumonia following influenza virus infection. The pneumonia was caused when bacteria that normally inhabit the nose and throat invaded the lungs along a pathway created when the virus destroyed the cells that line the bronchial tubes and lungs.

Sadly we chose to let history repeat rather than learn from it.  Now we are finding many COVID deaths were really untreated bacterial infections.

At St Paul’s hospital in Vancouver, Canada, Russell and Walley learned that Covid-19 is not deadly in itself, but it is sepsis that causes the organ failure leading to death. In this article they say:

“The pandemic we’ve all been living through is actually a pandemic of sepsis due to COVID-related pneumonia.  Everybody who dies of COVID actually dies of sepsis and pneumonia. Everybody.”

Thousands if not millions could have been saved had doctors not given final say to the PCR test and government.  Further proof of that ugly statement comes from doctors who refused to give up their better judgment and treated for bacterial infections.

Physicians in Toledo, Spain, empirically administered antibiotics to covid-19 patients during spring 2020, contrary to official guidance. This resulted in zero hospitalizations or deaths in their care homes after they started routine administration. Their resulting mortality over spring 2020 was approx. 7% versus 28% in other comparable care homes (and the 7% died before they started routine antibiotic use).

Many deaths resulted from the PCR test leading the willfully blind.  It is time to start opening our eyes.