Let the prosecutions begin

Another study has found a mysterious rise in cardiac arrests.  The researchers are mystified that the answer could not be found where the government told them to look.

The researchers did not factor in vaccination status, however.

Instead, they sought to examine the impact of COVID-19 on out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.

Government financed academics have once again proven that you cannot find answers you refuse to look for.  The willful blindness is astonishing.  Anyone who is not a moron (a group that I admit includes few politicians) knows what is causing this.  The only good news is that it seems the worst could be behind us.  According to Euromomo, the only group still suffering unusually high excess deaths is children.

Children should never have been part of this deadly money making adventure but they were.  As the last to be vaccinated the negative vaccine effects have yet to subside as they have in other age groups.  But, to be clear while the worst is over this is not over.  Many people will now deal with lingering vaccine injuries possibly for the rest of their lives.

I have a colleague who told me 8 months ago that he had developed pericarditis from his booster.  I saw him last week for the first time since then.  His heart damage has made him weak and he now struggles to walk.  His doctor is searching for ways to help but the damage has been done.  He is unfortunately only one of millions who have had their lives permanently altered.

So what should we do with the people who perpetrated this assault?  Justin Trudeau will say there was no assault because no one was forced to take the vaccine.  Technically that is true.  My colleague was not forced to take the vaccine he was forced to make a terrible decision.  He has a large family that depends on his income.  His income depends on his ability to travel which depended on his vaccination status.  So, he could choose to abandon his responsibility as a husband and father or he could take a chance with another jab; some choice.

People have died and lives have been irreparably harmed.  Someone has to pay.  The greedy bastards that put profits ahead of people’s lives must be prosecuted and many of those greedy bastards are elected officials.  Everyone involved with jab mandates need to face prosecution.