The coldest Banana Republic on Earth

It is really hard not to think of Canada as a banana republic.  On the surface we are still a democracy yet we have somehow found ourselves in the position where a man, supported by only 25% of Canadian Adults, continually breaks the law with total impunity.  In 2019 it was revealed that Justin Trudeau had illegally interfered into the SNC Lavalin corruption investigation.  This should have a resulted in a second investigation of Trudeau himself.  It did not because Trudeau told the RCMP that there was nothing to see.

This is the second official investigation into the issue that was thwarted in an attempt to gain access to certain documents after the government cited cabinet confidentiality.

Justin Trudeau has absolutely no regard for Canadian law or the Canadian judicial system.  He treats the courts as a lap dog and politically appointed judges go along with the farce.  Tamara Lich and Chris Barber are on trial for mischief in Ottawa right now.  Lich and Barber were 2 of the Freedom Convoy organizers.  I am not sure any mischief charge in Canada has ever actually gone to trial but this one has already racked up millions in court costs.  Trudeau is determined to make an example of these 2 ordinary citizens who dared to defy him.

Trudeau is not just using taxpayer money to crush political opponents he is thumbing his nose at Canadians while doing it.  The prosecution is using, and the judge is allowing, witnesses to testify how scared they were of bouncy castles.  Not just any witnesses mind you but Federal Government employees.  People paid to support the government position.

Li testified she was working from her downtown home during the COVID-19 pandemic, including when protesters came to Ottawa.

Have you ever seen anything more absurd than this?  The crown star witness is an overpaid civil servant upset that truckers (AKA Canadian taxpayers) made it difficult for her to work from home.  Here is their star witness.


Li is not just a Canadian citizen she is a Chinese national who still holds Chinese citizenship.  The Trudeau liberals do seem to have a very cozy relationship with communist China don’t they? Makes you wonder who actually hired her and which government she really works for.

In a few short years Trudeau has turn the entire country in to a three ring circus.  Canada is now the laughing stock of the world.  Sadly, Canadian’s don’t seem to care.