Your safety was never a consideration

Naomi Wolfe has been tireless in exposing fertility damage done to women by the mRNA vaccines.  Here she is discussing how Pfizer’s own data showed we should have expected infertility and birth defects.


Pfizer Knew that mRNA was unsafe for pregnant or nursing women but they went ahead anyway.  Everyone who proclaimed the Jabs safe knew they were lying.  Moderna struggled for years to make mRNA work and in 2017 considered abandoning the technology over safety concerns.

A 2018 paper summarizing the state of the technology documented the potential safety hazards of mRNA vaccines which included auto immune disease and blood clotting.  They even went as far as noting that the benefits in humans were marginal while side effects were not.

While preclinical studies have generated great optimism about the prospects and advantages of mRNA-based vaccines, two recent clinical reports have led to more tempered expectations22,91. In both trials, immunogenicity was more modest in humans than was expected based on animal models, a phenomenon also observed with DNA-based vaccines171, and the side effects were not trivial.

So in 2017 and 2018 researchers found marginal benefit and large safety concerns.  Fast forward to 2021 and governments were trying to force mRNA into every arm on earth.  Do you think the technology changed that much in a few short years?  Of course not; the jabs were just as dangerous as they were in 2018 and everyone involved knew this.  This was a huge criminal conspiracy for profit with no regard for the lives of others.

We need to start looking at all government correspondence around the COVID vaccines.  We need to know who knew want and when.  Politicians and bureaucrats who were merely unwitting, unintelligent pawns need to lose their jobs and pensions.  The ones who knew need to be in prison.

Moral decay and dead children

Government COVID policy has harmed millions of children.  Forcing isolation and masks on Children has cause developmental delays that could impact their whole lives.  Maybe it will be possible for these children to catch up but it is impossible for children killed by the vax to come back from the dead.  Thankfully there have not been many reports of children dying but really 1 is too many.  The data was clear COVID did not kill young people therefore any risk of vaccine injury is unacceptable.  All risk with no reward.

Every child death from the jabs is tragic but yesterday I saw a story that I found especially troubling.  A vaccinated 8 year old Israeli child has died of a massive heart attack.

What, to me, makes this so tragic is that this boy was used as a pawn in COVID propaganda.  In his short life he was used by adults to advance their agenda and then he died from that agenda.  This is disgusting.

“The measure of a society is how it treats its weakest members.”

That quote has been attributed to more than one person.  I do not know who said it but I agree completely.  The strong do have a moral obligation to protect the weak and what group is more vulnerable and weak than children?  A healthy society protects children but that is not what we did during COVID.  We used children as props and shields.

We have had so few problems since WW2 that the soy boys had to invent them.  Now we are afraid of warm weather and flu season.  Worse than that, when confronted with these imaginary dragons we hold children up as shields.  Children had to wear masks and get vaccinated to protect adults.  We may as well have led them to the tops of volcanos and cut their hearts out to appease the virus gods.

Weak fearful people used rather than protected children.  Restrictions were forced on children to protect adults.  Then we forced children to take an experimental treatment that common sense and simple data analysis said would result in deaths.  People may object to my use of the word “forced” but since children cannot give informed consent about anything, what else do you call it when a child is vaccinated?

A society that does what we have done is morally repugnant.  The people who participated in this are sick.

Multi culturalism sounds lovely until you try it

Sweden was in the news last week because the Prime Minister was forced to ask the military for help dealing with gang violence.  For years Swedish politicians denied they had a problem but the problem is now too large to ignore.  The Swedish police are overwhelmed and not able to deal with a problem that even last year left leaning Swedish politicians denied existed.  Police are too afraid to even leave their cars and the problem has become so costly that it threatens Sweden’s famous social welfare system.

A country where police officers sit paralyzed in their police cars while masked perpetrators throw large rocks at the cars to try to break their windows, a country where healthcare has gone from world-class to almost non-existent

So what went wrong?  Why are the once peaceful Swedes terrorizing police officers and flouting the law?  The answer is simple Multi-culturalism.  The people committing these crimes may be Swedish citizens but they are not Swedes.

What has gone wrong? Kristersson, who leads the centre-right Moderate Party, does not mince his words. This ‘difficult time for Sweden’ is down to ‘political naivety’ and ‘unsuccessful integration’, he says. Most of the recent gang crime, and certainly the new kinds of offences like bombings and shootings, follow Sweden’s massive intake of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa during the migrant crisis of 2015. A failure to integrate these new arrivals, either into the labour market or into Sweden’s social values, has given rise to large populations with not much to do and with little meaningful connection to their host nation.

Starting in 2015 large groups of illegal migrants entered Europe.  The dishonest news media called them refugees but they were not refugees.  If they were refugees they would not have all been military age men and they would have settled in the first safe country that would take them.  That is not what happened.

The illegal migrants walked through safe countries and continued on to wealth countries with more lucrative welfare programs.  I remember when this happened, an actual reporter (a rarity I admit) interviewed some of the men.  They all knew how much each European country paid in welfare.  One man called it his salary and he was very clear.  He was going to keep moving until he got to the country that would pay him the most to be useless.

The men who entered Sweden never intended to work or be Swedish.  They were simply leaches that their own countries were likely glad to be rid of.  The swedes naively let them in believing that they would assimilate but they arrived in such numbers that they did not need to.  They took over entire sections of cities creating no go zones where they lived exactly as they had in their home countries.  Overnight Sweden was multi-cultural at least on paper.  In a practical sense Sweden just ceded territory to an invading army from cultures that had very different attitudes towards work and violence.

Sweden is not the only wealthy European country to invite this problem within their borders.  Others did the same stupid thing with basically the same results.  Crime is rising rapidly everywhere.

In 2016, there were 12,820 rapes in France; in 2020, this had risen to 22,770; by 2021, the latest year for which records are available, there were 30,780 rapes, an increase in one year of 40%.


  • In France, a foreigner is 3 times more likely to be the perpetrator of a murder than a French person, and an African is 4 times more likely to be one than a French citizen.

  • In Germany, a foreigner is 4 times more likely to commit a murder than a German, a figure that rises to 7 times more for Africans.

  • In Italy, a foreigner commits 3 times more murders, on average, and an African 4 times more.

  • Finally, in Spain, a foreigner commits 4 times more murders and an African 7 times more.

Europe is finding out the hard way that you can have a multi-racial society but you cannot have a multi-cultural society.  To have order and stability newcomers must assimilate into the host country but mass migration makes assimilation impossible.  The newcomers congregate in groups and create their own country within the country.  Assimilation is so unlikely that often the second generation drifts further from the host culture than the first did.

The Danish statistics, which are very extensive, also allow us to measure the over-representation of the descendants of immigrants. In general, an immigrant is 60% more likely to be charged with a crime than a Dane, while a descendant of an immigrant is a whopping 110% more likely to be charged than a Dane.

Multiculturalism and mass migration destroy countries.  The country gets cut up in to separate pieces that have nothing in common which destroys cohesion and ultimately the social welfare state.  20 years ago a 35 year old Swede happily worked and paid taxes so that a 65 year old Swede did not need to work.  Now a 65 year old Swede works because a 35 year old non-Swede doesn’t want to work.  How long do you think that situation can last?

One more Conspiracy Theory confirmed

Once again we have found that the people who orchestrated the COVID fraud did not take the vaccine they forced on everyone else.  A freedom of information request in New Zealand has revealed that Top government and medical officials were given vaccine exemptions.  We did not know about it because a condition of the exemption was a gag order.

The hypocritical vaccine exemptions for the elite were granted by former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government before she stood down and accepted a new role as the World Economic Forum’s global “disinformation czar.”

It seems that those granted exemptions were restrained by gag orders. In other words, they could not tell anyone that they had been granted exemptions—it was a secretive process that the Ministry of Health was anxious to hide from the public.

So the people who forced you to prove your vaccination status to get on an airplane flew around the world unvaccinated.  Sometimes to receive accolades for forcing other people to be vaccinated.  They knew that the jabs did not work and were not safe.  The whole thing was done for money.

This will not come as a surprise to anyone with a functioning intellect or who even bothered to read this blog.  I have long contended that government inner circles did not take the jab.

This is just more evidence that everyone involved knew damn well the jabs were not safe or even necessary.  This knowledge was spread thinly through the inner circle of every government.  There is a reason no national leader or senior government official has succumbed to dying suddenly.  It is not because they were lucky it is because they all took placebos just as the Trudeaus did …

This really was a simple deduction on my part.  All I had to do was ask myself why would anyone in authority take this risk?  They had even more information than me and I was able to easily determine the jabs carry more risk than reward.  Sadly the risk of the vaccines has turned out to be far higher than anyone is now willing to admit.

The top most highly Covid vaccinated nations in the OECD are in order Portugal, Chile, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, Spain and Australia. Their average percentage of the population vaccinated is 91%. Their average rate of excess deaths so far in 2023 is 12% above the five year historical average.

The least Covid vaccinated nations in the OECD are Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland. Their average percentage of the population vaccinated is just 63%. Their average rate of excess deaths so far in 2023 is 0% compared to the five year historical average. In other words, they have averaged a normal death rate.

Anyone who suggests that the death rate among the unvaccinated is higher than the vaccinated is running against the tide of evidence. This view doesn’t fit with the international data.

The jabs have made people more likely to die of many things including COVID. reports: So much damage has now been done that the figures show the double vaccinated population are on average 3.8 times more likely to be infected with Covid-19 and 3.3 times more likely to die of Covid-19 than the unvaccinated population.

Sociopaths like Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau took chances with your health in return for kickbacks.  I know that statement will trigger a bunch of COVIDiots but I come by that conclusion the same way I concluded that leaders did not take the Jab; it is the only thing that makes sense.  It is unlikely that Justin and Jacinda wanted people to die.  They just did not care if anyone died.  The do not care if you die of COVID or if you die from the COVID vaccines.  Their motivation was neither to kill you nor save you; it had to be money.

When will we start checking bank accounts and prosecute these murderers?  Can we, at the very least, stop applauding them and giving them employment?  By not punishing them we are just encouraging the next generation of tyrants to do even worse.  I shudder to think what could possibly be worse than Justin and Jacinda.

There is nothing the government will not steal

Western governments are stealing the sanity of young people.  A recent survey shows that 60% of Gen Z and millennials suffer from climate anxiety.

Climate anxiety was one of the recurring themes of the survey, with 60 per cent of participants stating that they were concerned about the impact of climate change, up from 53 per cent in 2022.

This is not that surprising given the constant climate propaganda and complete public school indoctrination.  Public schools teach that CO2 is causing dangerous warming.  This is a lie.  The theory of anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming is an unproven THEORY.  It should not be taught as fact.  It is doubtful that it should even be taught as a theory because the data is constantly adjusted to match the theory.  That is not science that is fraud.

The planet is warming and someday it will start cooling.  Climate has always and will always change so we are making young people neurotic over a completely natural process.  In some the neurosis is so deep they want to forgo children.

One in ten young Canadians said they wouldn’t feel comfortable “bringing children into the world in a climate crisis.”

Government is stealing the future by promoting mental illness.  Young people are now paranoid about the weather and are prepared to sacrifice the next generation to control it.  I guess we should be happy we are not already sacrificing virgins to the weather gods.

Unfortunately our governments are not content to just promote mental illness.  They are also actively stealing futures with taxation and regulation.  When I bought my first house a starter home was 3 to 4 times the average salary, now a starter home is 10 times the average salary.  It was not market forces that did this; it was government policies designed to eliminate private property.

How are my children supposed to afford a home when government continues to sabotage them?  Taxes drive inflation and regulations are even worse.  To comply with new regulations businesses hire staff which increases costs.  To enforce new regulations government hires bureaucrats which are paid for by raising taxes.  Regulations are a double whammy on inflation and things are about to get dramatically worse.  The government is about to mandate “carbon accounting”.

The standards that are coming are not just another set of accounting rules that ought to be left to accountants to decide. They are intended to completely transform how all Canadian businesses operate, and the substantial impacts they will have on costs will be passed on to consumers. 

The imaginary climate crisis is being used to justify a dramatic increase in inflation.  Canada already has a housing crisis and the Trudeau liberals are about to make houses even more expensive.  Don’t mistake this for stupidity.  This is pure malevolence.  They are eliminating private property in order to complete the great reset.  No one is opposing this.  The opposition parties are in collusion.

We do not have a climate crisis.  We just have exceptionally poor government.  The solution is simple.  We need far less government and no professional politicians.  We can sit and watch them steal our children’s future or we can do something about it.

Only in Canada you say

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am no fan of mainstream media and I have a particular disdain for Canadian Media.  Canadian Media as a whole are obedient lap dogs for Liberal politicians and in Canada there is nothing liberal about a Liberal politician.  But, in moments of weakness I will give credit where credit is due.  This Column in a major Canadian publication hits the nail directly on the head.  I have never read a better description of Canadians than what Douglas Murray gives in this opinion piece.

The world — especially America — has looked on in horror as the Canadian government has tried to curtail speech in the country, and looked on with ever-more horror as Canadians seem willing to go along with this. 

But it isn’t just double-standards, or the grotesque politicization of almost every institution in Canada that now catches the eye of the world. It is, as I mentioned at the start, the unbearable stupidity which seems to have trickled down from the top of government downwards.

These are the sort of consequences you get from a society wallowing in unutterable ignorance.

Canadians are not just willfully ignorant they are joyfully, arrogantly, ignorant.  Douglas Murray recognizes this largely because he is not Canadian.  He is a British citizen writing for a Canadian publication.

Canada is an oddly isolated country.  Our isolation comes from the fact that we border only one country which we are taught is inferior to us.  That is a little odd when you consider that the United States is the most powerful country on earth but Canadians are always eager to accept things without evidence.  Once, years ago, I was at a party when a typically deluded Canadian stated that Canadians are better than Americans.  You hear this a lot from Canadians and usually I choose to ignore it but this time I asked one simple question for clarification.  I asked “by what measure”?

How do you back up such a definitive statement?  Do Canadians enjoy a higher standard of living?  Are we more charitable?  Of course I never got an answer because she had never given it any thought.  She just accepted without evidence that Canadians are somehow superior to Americans.  Canada is not isolated by closed borders it is isolated by closed minds.

This odd geographical and intellectual isolation makes Canadians very malleable and susceptible to extreme levels of stupidity.  Canadians accept stupidity from our institutions because we simply do not think.  This has allowed progressive morons to infest and ruin important institutions with no public opposition, despite the fact that the dumbing down of our institutions has negatively impacted the lives of every Canadian.

The Dumbing down of our institutions has been most evident in Parliament and the bank of Canada.  The bank of Canada is supposed to control the money supply and be a watchdog over the economy.  Below is their mission statement from their website.

The Bank of Canada is the nation’s central bank. Our main role is “to promote the economic and financial welfare of Canada,” as defined in the Bank of Canada Act.

That is a very lofty mission statement for an organization that does not employ anyone who understands economics.  Recently the deputy governor, Nicholas Vincent, admitted he is just discovered a link between escalating prices and inflation.

Vincent says these recent discoveries about the affect pricing behaviour may be having on inflation is leading the Bank of Canada to question the relationship between inflation and its drivers.

So an executive of the bank of Canada has finally linked rising prices to inflation but he is still foggy as to what causes rising prices.  In fact he was surprised to find out that when business costs go up companies increase their prices rather than lose money.

Recent research from the central bank shows price increases have mirrored the cost increases businesses have faced, but Vincent notes that even stable profit margins would mean customers are carrying the entire burden of higher prices.

The dumbing down of Canada has been happening for long enough that our most important institutions are run by imbeciles who believe economies run on pixie dust.  This could only happen in a country full of Canadians.  The scariest part about this is that we may not have reached peak stupidity yet.


Accolades instead of convictions

Another study linking excess mortality to the COVID jabs was released last month.  This study concluded that the Jabs caused 1 death for every 800 doses; a number not far off previous studies.

After analyzing mortality data, the researchers calculated a mean all-ages fatal toxicity by injection of vDFR of one death per 800 injections across all ages and countries.

The study also confirmed previous studies that found the more shots you take the worse it gets.

Unprecedented peaks in high all-cause mortality in each of the countries — especially among the elderly population when Covid shots were deployed — coincided with the rollout of third and fourth booster doses.

The damage does seem seems to be cumulative so my advice is stop making things worse.  Do not take another booster this winter.

By now a finding like this should not be shocking.  The data on the shots has not looked good for a very long time.  In almost every country excess deaths increased and stayed elevated for an extended period after vaccinations started.  Excess deaths still remain elevated for young people who were vaccinated later.

Up until now governments have been covering up this crime by blaming the excess deaths on COVID and demonizing unvaccinated people.  Any death within 14 days of vaccination was categorized as unvaccinated.  Incredibly people let the government get away with this obvious lie.  When people die suddenly less than 2 weeks after taking an experimental injection what do you first suspect?  Do you think it is the disease that they managed to avoid for more than a year prior to vaccination but were somehow exposed to immediately after vaccination?  Or, do you suspect the jab killed them?  Rational people will always choose the later.

But it was not just the temporal correlation to the jab that was suspicious.  As I have pointed out many times the seasonality of the supposed COVID deaths made no sense.  Respiratory viruses do most of their killing in the winter and before the jabs this was true of COVID.  There were not many COVID deaths in the summer of 2020 but that all changed with the jabs.  Suddenly COVID became an all season killer.

Vaccines caused significant excess deaths during the summer months of 2021.  The situation in 2022 is even worse.  Now that people are on their 3rd or 4th shot the bodies in the summer are accumulating even faster than they did in 2021.

The longer this goes the worse the Jabs look.  This is a real problem for governments that mandated and want to continue using them.  They are taking damage control to absolutely ludicrous levels by awarding the Nobel Prize to people responsible for this carnage.  Governments are covering up the greatest crime in history.  1 death per 800 shots is over 16 million murders.  16 million murders and they do not intend to stop.  Government is not your friend.  Governments do no care if you live or die.  In fact their strong preference is for you to die.  Stop looking to people who hate you for protection.  This winter do not comply.

Modern Climate science ignores the lessons of the past

I saw this short clip of Canada’s environment minister, Steven Guilbeault, stammering his way through a speech on climate change.


This speech was obviously written for him.  All he had to do was read it and he struggles to do even that.  Steven Guilbeault is barely literate and he is our environment minister.  To comply with his climate policies we must completely change how we generate and transmit power.  Do you think this simpleton, who can barely read the big words written for him, knows how power is generated or electrical grids are managed?  Of course not.  He does not understand the implications of his decisions because he does not understand anything.  The children really are in charge in Canada.

The only thing that Guibeault understands is that people should not be allowed to listen to anyone else.  Canadian’s must accept that the liberal government is the single source of truth.  We cannot have 2 sets of facts, only the fraudulent data he provides can be considered.

That dear friends is the fraudulent underpinning of the climate emergency.  We have an emergency because they say we have an emergency.  When they declare present times as the “hottest ever” we are supposed to ignore all the geologic and archeological evidence that the past was actually much warmer and that Humans thrived when it was warmer.

They also want us to ignore all the good climate science that was done before it became lucrative to demonize CO2.  There was a time when climate science was not fraudulent.  Many good scientists toiled in relative obscurity to prove that the earth’s climate is largely driven by the sun and reacts to identifiable cycles that humans have no control over.

But government corrupts everything.  When politicians realized that CO2 induced warming could be a weapon used against their citizens, climate science changed.  Change is probably not even the right word.  Climate science did not just change it re-invented itself by discarding all the climate science that came before it.

Isaac Newton is one of the most influential scientist to have ever lived.  The man was a genius who once said “if I see far it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants”.  What Newton meant was that he was able to make great discoveries because he was not starting from zero.  He was building on knowledge that came before him.  This is how science works but that is not how modern climate science works.  Modern climate science is not based on well-established previous work.  They threw that out.  Modern Climate science is based on fraud and used by intellectual lightweights like Guibeault to enforce destructive agendas.  We do not have a climate emergency we just have terrible, childish government.