Far less people would die if Government would just stop Helping

I found this article today.  The author took a detailed look at all cause mortality for the state of Massachusetts.  The author compared 2020 and 2021 to the previous 5 year period and found some interesting things.  Below are a two plots from the article.

This plot compares actuals from each year.  The author took this plot and flattened it by showing the weekly deviation from average for 2020 and 2021.

The black line is then deviation from average.  You can clearly see the impact of COVID starting in March of 2020 and then the smaller impact in the 2020/21 winter.  The Author makes a few very important observations from this plot.

  1. The COVID Epidemic was completely normal. The sharp peak in March 2020 and the smaller peak in the following winter is exactly what you expect as a new virus passes from epidemic to endemic.  You can see the 2 peaks match perfectly with the theoretical peaks presented in the lower plot.
  2. There was no 3rd, 4th, or 5th peak as the media would have you to believe. COVID was essentially over by March of 2021; before most people were vaccinated.  That led the author to make this statement.

The second wave blew itself out by the end of February 2021 before the C19 gene modification could be delivered to a significant portion of the population and take credit for stopping the deaths. Most of the vulnerable had already died or recovered with natural immunity. The great lie is that seasonal diseases like these can be anticipated, vaccinated against, and linger more than a couple years. None of that is true of the C19 type of disease. Everything government did was late and useless.

  1. The slow steady deviation from average that starts in June of 2021 is not normal. Waves of infections from new viruses or variants sharply deviate from the norm and then quickly fall back to average exactly the way the first 2 waves did.  A slow steady departure from normal is not due to a virus.
  2. The people who died during the first 2 waves of COVID were already past average life expectancy. The people who died during Q3 and Q4 of 2021 were much younger than average life expectancy.  As a result the anomalous period at the end of 2021 resulted in more years of life lost than the 2 waves of COVID.

It is well documented that COVID 19 can cause clotting and circulatory problems.  When the author looked at causes of death indeed he/she (I do not know the sex of the author and that is not due to my lack of a biology degree, I simply do not know who this person is) did find increased deaths from circulatory issues in 2020 likely associated with the epidemic.  2020 was higher than the 5 year average but of even more interest is that 2021 was significantly higher than 2020.  Gee I wonder what could have caused all of those blood clots and heart attacks after the epidemic was over.

If Government had done nothing this would have been over 13 months ago.  Instead Government blundered in with a mandatory solution to a problem that no longer existed.  The duration and impact of COVID 19 was increased by government stupidity.  Once again we see perfectly this simple truth.  There is no problem that Government cannot make worse by intervening.